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Small concrete mixer

Small concrete mixer

The small concrete mixer machine is self-loading capacity of small and medium-concrete mixer, mixing plastic and low mobility of concrete. Each tank can be mixed with 0.2 cubic meters of concrete (after absorption of concrete volume) for general construction sites, roads, bridges, factories of small and medium-sized concrete structures. The machine has a high production efficiency, mixing good quality, simple structure, light weight, high degree of automation, the advantages of convenient manipulation.

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Daswell small concrete mixer mainly includes JZC series and JZM series mixers. JZC series concrete mixer is gear driving and feeds materials with anti-climbing buckets. JZM series concrete mixer is rubber roller friction driving and feeds materials with skip hopper. They mix the materials by rotating positively, and discharge by rotating reversely. The user can dig a hole for fixed mix; it can make the hopper orifice level with the ground. By this way, feeding will be more convenient.

Small concrete mixer Small concrete mixer parts

Features of small concrete mixer:

1. Convenient to move;

2. High productivity;

3. Good-quality mixing;

4. Advanced performance;

5. Easy to operate and maintain.

Application of small concrete mixer:

It is widely used for mixing plastic and damp-dry rigid concrete, applied in architectural building site, civil engineer, and bridge project, precast concrete plant, etc.

This kind of concrete mixers mainly includes series JZC and JZM. And series JZC are gear driving and feed with anti-climbing buckets. Series JZC are gear driving and feed with crawls baskets. Series JZM are friction wheel driving and feed with crawls baskets.


Besides the models above, we also have many smaller DW35 series (100/125L) and DW90 series (260/350L) mini concrete mixers.

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