The most popular uses of concrete


Concrete is a versatile and durable material used for building and which is available all over the world. Moreover, it is used on the world’s most unique structure from old to modern ones. Whether your interest is building or you want to know more about the material, read on as we explore the applications of concrete.


A parking lot made from concrete has more benefits compared to the rest, according to CC Concrete Contractor. It looks nice and also gives room for better lighting, therefore, making the parking much safe and reduces the cost of lighting. Additionally, concrete offers an environmental edge advantage when it comes to competition.


Most states heavily rely on concrete as their transportation network. More than 60% of United States highway systems are made of concrete. Also, the bridges are built using concrete because the material is readily available, safe, and durable, and offers good reflectivity at night. It is also the best choice for areas that receive high traffics as it can support heavier weights and loads.

Concrete Patios and driveways

concrete patio in california

Almost every neighborhood has a patio or a driveway constructed using concrete. If you are in a real estate business, concrete driveways can increase the sale value of your estates. Not only do they look attractive than those made from asphalt, but they also last longer.  Concrete can be stamped or colored to give the pavement that attractive and unique look that complements the home exterior.

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks offer a convenient place to exercise, walk children to school, and a safe network to connect through neighborhoods. Thanks to its durability cities use concrete to construct sideways. As a matter of fact, concrete is one of the strongest building materials. They are also cheap to maintain thus saving the state maintenance cost.

High rise building

Concrete makes building which is much safer and durable compared to the buildings made from other materials. Recently, NRMCA launched a campaign “build with strength campaign” that advocates building with concrete. So if you want to build a home that is durable, safe, and energy-efficient, using concrete is the right choice.

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Some facts you didn’t know about concrete

Some facts you didn’t know about concreteConcrete is everywhere and around us. Form the walls that we live into the places we enter for work. So, no offense will be committed when we say that concrete is known to almost everyone. Do you know that concrete has some fascinating facts which you are about to read below?

1. Roman concrete was produced by mixing volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius and lime.  Today’s concrete is produced by mixing sand, cement, and water.

  1. Concrete is the most common and widely used building material on earth.
  2. A temperature of 1000°F will crumble the concrete. The temperatures will evaporate the water and convert the gravel and sand into a molten state. was not until 1824 that the cement was invented.  The invention was by Joseph Aspdin who came from England. The modern cement was given the name Portland, after giving yield to stronger stones. Portland cement is now found in every concrete.

  1. The heaviest structure made from concrete is the three Gorges dam found in china. it is said that the dam weighs 144, 309, 356, 754 pounds of concrete.

6. Thomas Edison has more than 50 patents that use concrete. His ideas applied to concrete homes and concrete furniture.

  1. When it comes to building underwater structures, concrete is widely used due to its resistance towards water and fire.

8. The statute of Christ found in Brazil was build using soapstone and concrete. The project used 630-635 tons of concrete and took a period of nine years to complete.

  1. Wood ward road which is located in Greenfield Township was the first road to be built on concrete. The road was built in 1909.
  2. The demand for concrete is increasing by 5% and it is projected by 2020 5.3 metric tons of cement will be used to make concrete.
  3. The Pantheon Dome in Rome is considered one of the world’s largest dome built using unreinforced concrete.
  4. Concrete was forgotten during the dark ages. It was again used during the middle ages.
  5. The empire building was the tallest structure in the world and was built using 62,000 m3 tons of concrete.

Those are some of the fascinating facts about concrete. The material becomes even more astounding if polished by the right people with the right expertise. If you are a homeowner please make sure you read about concrete production and how its products are applied so you can learn in detail.


Concrete production and how its products are applied

Concrete production and how its products are appliedConcrete is a regular building material used for various construction purposes from urban infrastructures, city towers and skyscrapers, to interstate highways. Concrete can be found almost everywhere as it is a manmade material.  Approximately, 10.5 billion tons of concrete are produced in the USA annually.

The material is versatile possessing tactile or solid properties, depending on the curing stage. Concrete consists of rock aggregates and cement.   The mixture is combined with water and left to dry and hardens. After hardening it becomes durable and strong.

Large scale production

This is the process involved in mass production of concrete. Two types of plants are involved;central and ready-mix plants. The difference between the two is that ready mix mixes all the concrete ingredients in an exception for water while central mix plants mixes all the components which include water and they are good for accurate control. Concrete is viscous liquid which is placed in casts to give a desired shape. However, the dryer version can also be produced and be used for precast products.

Small scale production

Less amounts of concrete are produced at the construction sites with the help of batch mixer or volumetric mixer.  The production is perfect for construction sites which have minimal use and applications. For instance, a volumetric mixer can be used to make concrete for installing bollards or for bike ranks.

Concrete types

Dozens concrete types are available for construction and building purposes. Here are some few types of concrete.

Ordinary concrete

This being one of the most common type of concrete, it constitutes of; course material, sand, cement, and controlled quantities of water. Its setting time is 30-90 minutes and have a strength value of 1400- 5800 psi. 70-80% percent is achieved within 28-30 daysof curing. Full strength is achieved at 90 days.

High performance

Unlike ordinary concrete, this concrete is durable and strong. It is capable of withstanding harsh environments and also resistant to shrinkage and creep which reduces cracking.


Precast concrete

Concrete casts are used to produce this form of concrete. It is produced in a highly controlled environment and temperatures. The humidity is also monitored. To produce concretes which are very strong, steam curing method is used to cure the concretes. The concrete is allowed to set and harden before being transported to the construction site. Here’s an overview of concrete production, from start to end.