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HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump

HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump

Introduction to concrete pump with mixer  

Concrete pump with mixer is fully-automatic operation system, which combines charging, mixing, pumping on construction site. So the working efficiency is incredibly increased. It has advantages of easy-operation, stable working, convenient transport.

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Usage of cement mixer pump 

Concrete mixer pump is suitable to big aggregate concrete transport in small and mediate construction, including basic irrigation; slope control of geological disasters; various cave mine construction, road and rail tunnels;; rural civil construction; and new rural construction township water conservancy and hydro power project which has limit space and big pumping volume.

Advantages of concrete pump with mixer 

1.Combined mixer and pump, this machine can save much cost.
2. This model can mix on site and pump continuously. Its efficiency is 4~6 times than traditional mixer and pump, which can shorten project duration.
3. During mixing, one worker is enough for whole operation and it is easy to operate.
4. With high mechanization degree, user can save labor cost.
5. The total power is smaller than traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump, so it is very suitable to rural construction.
6. It is easy to transport so it is suitable to move to different sites.
7. It can also be for leasing which has low investment and short capital recovery cycle 

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