Jan 26 2016

What Are the Advantages of Planetary Concrete Mixer

As one of the indispensable equipment of construction engineering, planetary concrete mixer is used by major engineering and construction units, so what advantages of planetary concrete mixer?


1, the overall structure of planetary concrete mixer is very reasonable, stiffness is very strong, and appearance design is more reasonable.


2, the inside planetary concrete mixer electronic weighing system is more advanced, which can further improve the accuracy of weighing.


planetary concrete mixer


3, planetary concrete mixer can weigh four aggregates at the same time, and the measurement of time is very short, measuring efficiency is very high.


4, planetary concrete mixer belt conveyor is equipped with head keep-off cover, which can effectively prevent the internal material spilled.


5, planetary concrete mixer screw tensioning devices are installed at the rear, which is capable of belt tensioning degree to adjust at any time, and is simple and quick.


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