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Apr 25 2016

Planetary Concrete Mixer Reforms Compared Traditional Type

Adapting the rapid development procedure for urbanization and conservation, Daswell Machinery has invested lots of money and efforts to the innovative items recently. Now, the environmental noise condition in construction is becoming more prominent particularly in densely populated areas, and environmental noise not just affects the standard existence from the citizens, but additionally affects the appearance in our city. China has paid more focus on the development of economical and atmosphere protection, so as to construct an environmental friendly living atmosphere for individuals.


planetary concrete mixer


For the environmental noise within the construction and open-air procedures and combined the noise in night time of construction site before, people’s living atmosphere suffers a great deal. So, within the construction procedure for our city, thinking about building energy conservation has an optimistic and practical value. The innovation differs from the typical innovation, and economical and environment protection mainly would be the fundamental route. Daswell makes great efforts within this innovation. Planetary concrete mixer has been put into production in many areas. Our planetary concrete mixer uses worldwide advanced equipment and machinery silencer processing technology to the production.

Jan 26 2016

What Are the Advantages of Planetary Concrete Mixer

As one of the indispensable equipment of construction engineering, planetary concrete mixer is used by major engineering and construction units, so what advantages of planetary concrete mixer?


1, the overall structure of planetary concrete mixer is very reasonable, stiffness is very strong, and appearance design is more reasonable.


2, the inside planetary concrete mixer electronic weighing system is more advanced, which can further improve the accuracy of weighing.


planetary concrete mixer


3, planetary concrete mixer can weigh four aggregates at the same time, and the measurement of time is very short, measuring efficiency is very high.


4, planetary concrete mixer belt conveyor is equipped with head keep-off cover, which can effectively prevent the internal material spilled.


5, planetary concrete mixer screw tensioning devices are installed at the rear, which is capable of belt tensioning degree to adjust at any time, and is simple and quick.


Jan 21 2016

Development Direction of Planetary Concrete Mixer in 2016

Henan Daswell Machinery researches the latest June 2016 planetary concrete mixer development direction according to demand of different users.


1, intelligence: intelligence is the final development direction of all machinery and equipment.


2, environmental protection: low environmental protection of planetary concrete mixer at present in our country starts from the dust, noise and pollution to improve and reform.


PM concrete mixer


3, high precision: high precision refers to aggregate, cement, admixtures and water metering accuracy, and precision has larger ascension space to promote at present. High precision measurement is the goal and development direction of planetary concrete mixer.


4, standardization: standardization can radically reduce the product cost, save a lot of resources and energy consumption. In the face of the current tense situation of natural resources, low output and high energy consumption, we called on relevant departments of industry and large enterprises to promote the cause.


5, miniaturization: along with the further improvement of urban infrastructure, in the case of relatively reduce of the demand of urban construction, concrete will be largely reduced. From the long view, small and medium-sized concrete mixer is a possible development direction.


Dec 16 2015

Planetary Concrete Mixer Assists Construction Industry

With the continuous development of national infrastructure construction, real estate construction, road and railway construction have developed quickly in our country, which has brought the very big development space for our country’s construction machinery. In recent years, the crushed materials are increasing every year, but as there are more and more manufacturers on the market, the market competition is increasing, and construction equipment market faces fierce competition. As a result, construction machinery with high content of science and technology, saving energy and reducing consumption is a general trend for the industry future development.

Planetary concrete mixer is a new kind of concrete mixer of Daswell. Daswell optimizes the structure of traditional concrete mixer, greatly improves the mixing and discharging ways of concrete mixer, and makes the production capacity and the stability of the machine greatly increased.

planetary concrete mixer

Planetary concrete mixer has been widely used in construction, building materials and other fields, and also has obvious advantage. Planetary concrete mixer has become the latest favor in the field of construction industry.


Nov 19 2015

Daswell Planetary Concrete Mixer Makes Full Use of Domestic Policy

In traditional machinery industry, construction machines have low technical content, and combined with China’s infrastructure construction scale was big, the market was always in great demand for concrete mixer and other products. Then numerous machinery manufacturers are joining in the stream. Daswell planetary concrete mixers and other construction equipment have always given good impression to people.

Domestic policy has always impacted construction machinery equipment industry’s development. Since the country made the big efforts in regulating the real estate and other relevant policies, concrete mixer companies suffered many setbacks. But with the rapid advance of global economic integration, foreign related companies poured into the Chinese market in great quantities, which causes competition inner industry intensified, and many small and medium-sized enterprises collapse, so countries begin to attach importance to these problems, and it is imperative to adjust the direction of concrete mixer industry!

planetary concrete mixer

The state largely helps to develop high and new technology of planetary concrete mixer and other construction products, encourage enterprises to develop towards large-scale type, and enhance competition ability! High efficiency, energy saving, and intelligent control equipment has been the development trend of all mechanical products, and construction equipment is not far behind.


Oct 10 2015

Daswell Planetary Concrete Mixer Follows Market Factors

Now, the construction equipment faces more complicated situation, it is difficult to be able to adapt to different conditions of normal operation. In 2015, planetary concrete mixer enterprises are still developing in the traditional mode, and technology research and development field will comply with the national policies and regulations to follow market pace, blend the concept of low carbon and environmental protection into product research and development, and strive to form a new breakthrough in the field of energy-saving concrete mixer.


Daswell always follows the traditional purposes of capacity expansion, investment increase, and full range and multi-function development. So, in the product design stage, the industry enterprises pay more emphasis on the application of energy saving concept to lay the foundation for later direction, but for the pursuit of practical results, we should also be gradual.

planetary concrete mixer

As one of construction machinery with largest demand, planetary concrete mixer trends prosperity or smooth development, which will has a nature impact on the industry. After joining energy elements, we still need to ensure the energy saving index under different working conditions, which puts forward higher requirements on technical level.


Sep 07 2015

Planetary Concrete Mixer of Daswell Has Good Sales in Egypt

As we all know, Planetary concrete mixer is the shinning product among concrete mixers. Planetary concrete mixer machine is manufactured by Daswell with German technology. This series of concrete planetary mixer not only applies to produce common commercial concrete and precast concrete, but also has solved many problems about high performance concrete mixing.


On August 10, 2015, Daswell international sales department sent two sets Mp500 concrete mixer to Egypt successfully. He was Daswell’s regular customer and had ordered many machines in Daswell.


You are welcomed to visit our factory and the working site.


mp concrete mixer


If there is any question, please contact us:


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Jul 28 2015

How Does Planetary Concrete Mixer Attract More Customer

Nowadays, no matter what the industries are, they all hope their product has its own brand. This is meaningful for their future development. Brand is the product of the commodity economy and society, which is a symbol of trust from customer and one of the important marks of our customers in identifying goods. However, how to build brand is our goal and also the direction of our current efforts.


planetary concrete mixer


As the saying goes, good wine is not afraid of deep alley. In the planetary concrete mixer industry, as long as we owned brand for our products, our concrete machinery, such as MP planetary concrete mixer, DMP planetary concrete mixer and so on, will have a good sales. But the formation of the brand is difficult and needs long time. First of all, we need to improve the product quality; we also need to develop our patented products at the same time. This is the first step to build brand in technology and quality patents. After the formation of our own unique qualities, there are a lot of people to find us. We also need the channels to let customer know our products. Quality and brand are the two important points to attract customer’s attention.


Jun 26 2015

Use of Sensors in Planetary Concrete Mixer

On any planetary concrete mixer, sensor directly determines the good use of the planetary concrete mixer. With the development of technology, new type of sensors has been used by more planetary concrete mixer equipment, so what about the advantages of the new type of sensor in the use?


Sensors and the application of digital sensors in planetary mixer device are important. New type planetary concrete mixer sensor probe has been redesigned from the ground, and digital signal processing allows the direct connection to the water/humidity controller.


planetary  concrete mixer


For new type planetary concrete mixer sensor, it has the good performance in the use process. Because the new type planetary concrete mixer equipment with sensors can well help device when using planetary concrete mixer to master the degree of moisture of raw material, it can better ensure the quality of the production of planetary concrete mixer.


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