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Nov 02 2015

Mobile Block Making Machine Adapts Market Improvement

With the development of construction, mobile block making machine development is faster. The hollow bricks produced by the machine not only effectively improve the natural environment, but also are advantageous to reduce the waste of materials and reduce raw material cost of investment, and it is the new rich good project.


block making machine


Slag, stone, stone, fly ash, slag cement and so on are used as raw materials of mobile block making machine to make scientific matching and then add water to mix. After high-pressure mobile block making machine, we can get cement brick, lime-sand brick, hollow slab or colored pavement brick. For cement blocks maintain the land resources of China and also complete the resources reusing, after brick making machine, it can crush these materials to differentiate and then do rationalization ratio to make baking-free bricks. Hollow bricks are advantageous instead of the traditional clay bricks, which reduce the waste of coal resources, protect the ecological environment, favorably respond to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote the development of the construction industry.


Aug 10 2015

Promising Prospects of Mobile Block Making Machine

Mobile block making machine enterprises in China are small but comprehensive, which is their major features. Regardless of the requirements of industry growth, they repeatedly produce mobile block making machines with low cost, inferior technology and simple production. Nowadays, it is estimated that there are around 1/4 enterprises existing this phenomenon in this industry. These are great wastes of resources. What’s worse, it leads to the market disorder of mobile block making machine and hinder industry growth.


mobile block making machine


With the improvements of technology and the presentation of machinery products, new requests about craft and configuration are put forward for mobile block making machine. Today, the competition in mobile block making machine industry is increasingly fierce. Mobile block making machine will step into industrial automation in the future, which promotes the overall progress of mobile block making machine with more fruits and higher efficiency. By completing the mechanical and electrical integration of automatic baking-free brick machine, traditional mobile block making machines accept the more control from brick machine type. However, the requests about mobile block making machine parameters are constantly increasing along with the increasing progress of process technology.


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