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Feb 29 2016

The Development Trend of Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is necessary mechanical mixing concrete in construction machinery. Along with the expansion and promotion of real estate construction industry, highway, railway, hydropower station and commercial concrete, concrete mixer sales is rising steadily. In recent years, due to the concrete mixer plays an important role in various fields, which makes the JS series concrete mixer has gradually become the leading product of mixing concrete. Among them, js500, js750 and js1000 concrete mixer are small and medium-sized, and js1500, js2000 and js3000 are large mixing equipment.

js concrete mixer

With the increasing demand of concrete mixer, mixing machine manufacturers are more and more, and the market competition is fiercer and fiercer. But under the environment of competition, double shaft concrete mixer is heading for technology innovation, personality service, improving mixer homemade ability. Under the background of the construction of a conservation-oriented society, we believe that the development process of concrete equipment in the future will be in energy saving, high efficient and durable, and more intelligent operation direction.


Feb 15 2016

Double Shaft Concrete Mixer Is One of Daswell Main Products

As the building material production equipment, double shaft concrete mixer not only replaces the traditional manual production, reduces the labor of the workers and improves work efficiency, but also can promote enterprise to achieve further development. So for users, double shaft concrete mixer is not just a production equipment, but also represents the future development of the enterprise.

Double shaft concrete mixer can ensure quality of production and at the same time, it can improve work efficiency. On one hand, double shaft concrete mixer follows the rapid development of the market, and on the other hand, it can create greater economic benefits.

double shaft concrete mixer

With the rapid development of economy, science and technology, the construction machinery industry is in constant progress, types and the overall strength of double shaft concrete mixer has broken through innovation. Many users buy more efficient and rapid production and eliminate the old equipment in order to keep up with the pace of The Times, but for some ability limited users, they also can improve the existing production equipment to increase output. We have many years of experience to improve double shaft concrete mixer by means of technological improvement.


Jan 22 2016

Bearing Affects Normal Operation of Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

1, bearing cover and shaft fitting of twin shaft concrete mixer too tight or too loose will lead bearing overheating, once there is this kind of question, the equipment will have friction noise and obvious oscillation.

2, Bearing seat at the two ends are rugged, or motor rotors have different hearts with other rotors, which will impact the additional load bearing, causing bearing overheating.

twin shaft concrete mixer

3, too much, too little or aging lubricating oi inner twin shaft concrete mixer bearing are the main reasons to cause bearing overheating, so fill quantitatively lubricating oil in time according to usage book.

Daswell twin shaft concrete mixer can also be widely in coal mines, chemical industry, building materials, etc . You are W\welcome to choose and buy Daswell products.


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