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Jan 26 2016

Composition of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Commercial concrete mixing plant is the ideal investment project, which mainly depends on the applicability of the concrete. To be successful investment of commercial concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to understand the important composition of commercial concrete mixing plant.

1, host of commercial concrete mixing plant – twin shaft concrete mixer has low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, easy operation, high mixing quality and productivity;

2, cement silo – cement silo is used to store material tanks, and often used as auxiliary product of concrete batching plant;

commercial concrete batching plant

3, aggregate belt conveyor – it is a widely used continuous conveying equipment, and often used as auxiliary product of concrete batching plant;

4, screw conveyor – screw conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food and machinery processing and other departments;

5, concrete mixing station the computer measurement and control system – microcomputer + PLC control system, monitoring system and data management system with dual screen display; human intelligent control system, and the operation is very simple; fault self-diagnosis system to ensure high accuracy.


Nov 20 2015

Rapid Development of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Is the Inevitable Trend

With the expanding scale of urban construction, concrete usage is increasing, and quality requirements are higher and higher. What is more, the dispersive mixing small-scale concrete production methods cannot meet the needs of urban large-scale construction, and therefore, vigorously promoting and using commercial concrete is historically inevitable. Commercial concrete is successful experience of the common industrial developed countries, which represents the most advanced and latest level, has exuberant vitality, and is also the development direction of concrete batching plant industry in our country in the future.

concrete batching plant

In construction site, cement, aggregate, and water cannot be accurately measured, and it can only rely on the operator’s experience in construction, which is easy to appear quality accident. And ready-mixed concrete production of concrete batching plant is conducted by professional and technical personnel in the independent laboratory in strict accordance with the mixture ratio, uses microcomputer control mode, through the electronic measurement to accurately produce various kinds and strength grades concretes which meet the requirements of the architectural design. Especially the high strength concrete with admixture and active admixture, which not only greatly speeds up the construction progress, but also fundamentally solves the quality hidden trouble on-site concrete mixing.


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