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Aug 06 2015

Environmental Cement Brick Making Machine Promotes Environmental Causes

Today, processing and manufacturing industry represented by cement brick making machine gets more and more attention from the industry.


In the face of such situation, how to open up new profit growth point gets more concern, and technology application of cement brick making equipment is one of important annulus. In this regard, Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd which has engaged in cement brick equipment manufacturing and sales work for many years has played a role in promoting industry benign competition cooperation, and Daswell has develops new type of environmental protection and energy saving cement brick making machine first.


brick making machine


Daswell latest full automatic cement block making machine is on behalf of the current domestic moulded advanced block molding machine, and Daswell has absorbed Germany, Italy, Japan and other foreign block molding machines’ advantages to research and develop the manufacturing high performance domestic molding equipment. It can produce compatible brick road brick, channel and hydraulic products, etc., and it also can automatically finish the whole process from feeding to output.


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