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Apr 14 2016

Daswell Brick-free Brick Making Machine Adopts New Materials

With the improvements of technology and the presentation of machinery, new requests about craft and configuration are put forward for block making machine.


As we all know, old-fashioned wall materials, for example red-colored brick production, may cause bigger waste and pollution towards the natural atmosphere, so that they were removed very long time ago. Among numerous new materials, bricks created by baking-free brick machine happen to be broadly utilized as wall materials by fine performances. Simultaneously, baking-free brick machine projects have popped up from coast to coast due to the inclination of national policy. Daswell block making machines are all baking-free brick making machines.


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Mobile block making machine enterprises in China are small but comprehensive, which is their major features. Regardless of the requirements of industry growth, they repeatedly produce mobile block making machines with low cost, inferior technology and simple production. Nowadays, it is estimated that more enterprises existing this phenomenon in this industry. These are great wastes of resources. What’s worse hollow block machine, it leads to the market disorder of mobile block making machine and hinder industry growth.


Oct 23 2015

Reasonable Operation Prolongs Service Life of Brick Making Machine

As we all know, machinery is vulnerable equipment, such as brick making machine. After using a period of time, some customers found that equipment production efficiency will decline. Brick making machine is the essential product in today’s building materials market, and its environmental attributes more conform to the needs of the construction market. During the time of operation, operators should also avoid improper operation caused by fault. Why will brick making machine’s production efficiency decline?


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We can learn it from the brick making machine framework’s organization process. What the manufacturers adopt is the framework and templates separation mode, and there should be a closer link among brick making machine abrasive products. In the process of production, because the producing cycle is short, it is hard to complete the whole set equipment use, and after a period of time’s use, the parts are very easy to wear and cutting products deformation will happen. When operation, the operator should avoid low efficiency because of improper operation as far as possible.


Oct 10 2015

Daswell DMBE 6-15 Brick Making Machine in Mexico

Daswell DMBE 6-15 mobile electric block making machine adopts advanced technology, using smaller power to realize strong vibration effect. It changes the former one-time-vibration into twice-vibrations of molding core.

On September 30, 2015, Daswell sent a set of DMBE 6-15 brick making machine to Mexico.

Daswell Machinery is a professional mobile electric block making machine supplier. With good quality mobile electric concrete block making machine and reasonable mobile electric concrete blocks making machine price, our mobile electric block making machine is favored by customers in china and oversea countries.

If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

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