Oct 31 2016

How to Judge the Quality of Cement Silo

1, the thickness of the steel plate:

As known, cement silo is used in a variety of different environments, and it can hold different materials.. You had better consult cement silo’s steel plate thickness. After the cement production has been completed, and then actually measure whether the thickness of the cement silo is consistent with the manufacturer said. Another point is to look at whether the outer layer of the coating is in good condition with smooth cement storehouse.

2, dust removal equipment:

cement silo

Dust removal equipment of cement silo is an important component of the cement silo, whether cement silo can use longer largely depends on the cement dust collector, and we need to check whether dust filter is in line with the requirements, etc.

3, welding interface:

Welding interface inspection is to check whether interface is sealed well, after welding, a qualified cement silo manufacturer will grind the welding position of tank.

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