Jan 27 2016

Development Prospects of Concrete Mixing Plant Industry

The biggest development opportunity of concrete mixing plant is urbanization. now the new urbanization is gradually recognized by people. It is different from the artificial expansion of government leading, but it is a kind of new city construction.

Because urban agglomeration is the complex of regional centralized city, its development must rely on flow and low cost logistics, passenger flow, information flow and cash flow. And compared with highway, aviation and other modes of transportation, rail transit has the advantages of the energy conservation, emissions reduction and land saving, which can reduce the cost of logistics and the passenger flow to the greatest extent. Thus we can assert that the future of transportation depends on the subway, light rail, urban agglomeration. Therefore the development opportunity of concrete mixing station arises at the historic moment.

concrete batching plant

With the implementation of the new round of rail transit construction planning, subgrade engineering foundation construction, prefabricated concrete box girder of bridge engineering or the cast-in-situ concrete box girder, the tunnel engineering of shotcrete, and station building engineering construction installation require a large number of high-quality concrete machinery manufacturers to provide complete solutions. Concrete machinery enterprises which can meet the demand of the large complex engineering project will become the first beneficiaries of the new urbanization dividend.


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