Mar 21 2016

Proper Maintenance Can Lower Wear of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant has high price and proper maintenance is essential to prolong its service life. Experience shows that serious mechanical failure is often triggered by some of the smaller faults.These faults need to be paid attention and timely maintained to avoid a major accident.

concrete batching plant

Regularly maintain and repair concrete mixing plant and a variety of groups should be carried out as required. Existing maintenance and repair of different specifications is the summary of the practice experience for many years, which has its scientific nature and rationality. In the absence of significant technological progress and innovation, the regulation of engineering machinery repair and maintenance guide is absolute, which must comply with them.For operaters, they should strengthen the regular and irregular inspection of concrete mixing plant. Regular do the inspection: inspection on winding ascension brake and appropriate adjustments; check pumps and throttle, whether there is leakage phenomenon; inspection on open gear grease and adjust the belt tightness; check the blade and liner wear situation, and take into consideration the replacement.


Mar 21 2016

Ensure Common Operation of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Commercial concrete batching plant is used to produce large mount of concrete to sell. So, ensuring its normal operation is important for customers. How to make the quality of concrete batching plant?


concrete batching Plant


Concrete mixing plant engineering construction site has to arrange quality inspection personnel, who is responsible for on-site vehicle allocation and the quality control of concrete work. Compress concrete discharging time as soon as possible, so as to ensure the concrete temperature into the mold. Before commercial concrete mixing plant inspector pours concrete in construction site, he has to see whether the template has a frozen cake or snow on the surface, etc. which affects the quality of concrete. After the completion of commercial concrete mixing plant’s concrete, we have to promptly notify the construction units to do the concrete covering plastic film and blankets and other heat preservation maintenance work, so as to avoid concrete from the cold; water curing of concrete is not allowed in winter construction, and before concrete strength is 1.2 MPa, concrete shall not be trampled, shuttered and loaded. After the concrete pouring of commercial concrete mixing plant, quality inspection personnel should timely remind tanker drivers unload the water that is used to clean concrete mixer truck.


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