Jan 25 2016

How to Debug JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1, check if the reducer and the smooth parts of twin shaft concrete mixer have enough lubrication;

2, check the power supply voltage, the extra voltage is 380 v, and error is ±10%;

3, check if the motor and the components of electrical wiring is solid, distribution box shell has necessary reliable grounding;

4, start the motor of twin shaft concrete mixer, two half shaft rotation direction should be together with the panels indicate direction, if the direction is wrong, operators should change the power supply wiring;

twin shaft concrete mixer

5, start discharging organization, and discharging door should be accurate in place. Pump water, and water supply system should be in the normal work;

6, closed discharging door of JS twin shaft concrete mixer, charge the mixture into hopper, and then promote hopper;

7, after finishing all the test work, if finding abnormal condition, we should immediately stop to check it, and then debug experiment again. After a day’s new work, we should check if bolts of transform board and other places are fastening.


Jan 25 2016

Safe Use method of Concrete Mixer

1, concrete mixer should be installed in a solid flat on the ground, so as to prevent dumping of the sag under the ground.

2, before using concrete mixer, we should check machines and systems according to the cleanness, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anticorrosive program, and make it conform to the requirements; if there are accidents, we must eliminate them in a timely manner.

3, for electric concrete mixer, power distribution equipment shall be installed appropriate fuse and grounding device, so as to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

4, in the operation of concrete mixer, please do not make the sand into the mechanical moving parts, so as to avoid damage parts are stuck.

twin shaft concrete mixer

5, before discharging, we cannot stop machine without any reason, more cannot start after feeding, and adding materials can not exceed the prescribed capacity.

6, before moving into the hopper, feeding is not allowed.

7, when the sudden power failure or malfunction occurred in blender running at full capacity, we must ensure mixing drum materials is cleared, then for inspection or repair. Do not allow start the full launch mixer, in case that the motor current is too large when it is started.

8, after work, clean concrete mixer in a timely manner, so as to prevent concrete agglomerate. When cleaning, we should prevent electrical equipment affected with damp. Cleaning should be carried out after the power to prevent electric shock.


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