Jan 22 2016

Bearing Affects Normal Operation of Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

1, bearing cover and shaft fitting of twin shaft concrete mixer too tight or too loose will lead bearing overheating, once there is this kind of question, the equipment will have friction noise and obvious oscillation.

2, Bearing seat at the two ends are rugged, or motor rotors have different hearts with other rotors, which will impact the additional load bearing, causing bearing overheating.

twin shaft concrete mixer

3, too much, too little or aging lubricating oi inner twin shaft concrete mixer bearing are the main reasons to cause bearing overheating, so fill quantitatively lubricating oil in time according to usage book.

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Jan 22 2016

Pay Attention to Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Clean

Twin shaft concrete mixer serves as the host of concrete mixing station, and if we want to finish scheduled concrete production per unit time, the twin shaft concrete mixer must be chose well, and for the use and cleaning of twin shaft concrete mixer, you also should follow certain industry specifications.


The use of twin shaft concrete mixer directly affects the quality of concrete production. The daily work of concrete batching plant is very important, and twin shaft concrete mixer is necessary. So, the use of twin shaft concrete mixer necessarily cannot be without cleaning, cleaning precautions of twin shaft concrete mixer:


First, it is forbidden to use hammer knock method to remove accumulated concrete inside the twin shaft concrete mixer drum concrete batching plant, and they can only be removed with chisels;


twin shaft concrete mixer


Second, after twin shaft concrete mixer stops work, pour stones and water into the mixing barrel for cleaning, and then take water and stones out again. Pay attention to that when cleaning small mobile brick making machine, power should be removed;


Then, the cleaning must be regularly conducted, and do periodic maintenance procedures according to specified preventive maintenance and operation, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel, etc.


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