Jan 18 2016

Analyze Development of Ready-mixed Concrete Batching Plant

Urban construction promotes ready-mixed concrete batching plant, concrete usage is increasing, and quality requirements are higher and higher. What is more, the mixing small-scale concrete production methods cannot meet the needs of urban large-scale construction, and therefore, vigorously promoting and using commercial concrete is historically inevitable. Concrete is successful experience of the common industrial developed countries, which represents the most advanced and latest level, has exuberant vitality, and is also the development direction of concrete industry in our country in the future.

ready-mixed concrete batching plant

In construction site, cement, aggregate, and water cannot be accurately measured, and it can only rely on the operator’s experience in construction, which is easy to appear quality accident. And ready-mixed concrete production is conducted by professional and technical personnel in the independent laboratory in strict accordance with the mixture ratio, uses microcomputer control mode, through the electronic measurement to accurately produce various kinds and strength grades concretes which meet the requirements of the architectural design.


Jan 18 2016

Classification of Concrete Batching Plant by Mobility

Different concrete batching plant has various features and we can classify it by mobility, which is mainly divided into mobile type, demolition type and fixed type.


Mobile concrete batching plant has walking device, usually in order to move at the scene. It is mainly used in mobile strong engineering, such as roads, bridges and other construction projects. Demolition type concrete batching plant is relatively to fixed type, and its characteristic is that when it comes to mobile site, the equipment large parts must be parted to carry. It is mainly used in commercial concrete factories and large and medium-sized engineering concrete construction. Stationary concrete batching plant adopts double shaft forced concrete mixer. According to the different needs of customers in the production of different concretes and according to past experience, the concrete produced by stationary concrete mixing plant is mainly used for roads, bridges, buildings and other buildings. Currently on the market, the mainstream is stationary concrete batching plant.

concrete batching plant

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