Jul 30 2015

How to Roundly Promote Concrete Mixing Plant

The green environmental protection concrete mixing plant that is produced by Daswell has gained good praises from customers. With standardization and green environmental protection, this kind of concrete mixing plant realizes closed material processing. The main production building is more like a workshop where dust collecting system is equipped with, which can achieve zero emission of waste water, waste materials and waste pulp. Therefore, this kind of concrete mixing plant in Henan will be fully advocated in the future. From now on, all the concrete mixing plants that will be built in Henan must conform to the requirements of green environmental protection. Green renovation will be made for the established concrete mixing plants.


concrete batching plant


New type vehicle washing platform is built on concrete batching plant. By setting new washing platform and washing facilities at inward and outward gates, clean vehicles come in and out, which prevents the vehicles from polluting city roads.


Jul 28 2015

How Does Planetary Concrete Mixer Attract More Customer

Nowadays, no matter what the industries are, they all hope their product has its own brand. This is meaningful for their future development. Brand is the product of the commodity economy and society, which is a symbol of trust from customer and one of the important marks of our customers in identifying goods. However, how to build brand is our goal and also the direction of our current efforts.


planetary concrete mixer


As the saying goes, good wine is not afraid of deep alley. In the planetary concrete mixer industry, as long as we owned brand for our products, our concrete machinery, such as MP planetary concrete mixer, DMP planetary concrete mixer and so on, will have a good sales. But the formation of the brand is difficult and needs long time. First of all, we need to improve the product quality; we also need to develop our patented products at the same time. This is the first step to build brand in technology and quality patents. After the formation of our own unique qualities, there are a lot of people to find us. We also need the channels to let customer know our products. Quality and brand are the two important points to attract customer’s attention.


Jul 28 2015

Some Advantages of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

In recent days, there are many customers are consulting commercial mixing station. A lot of people, when they are purchasing commercial concrete batching plant, will ask its corollary equipment as well as its production capacity. In order to make more users familiar with the advantages of commercial mixing station, Henan Daswell machinery gives some answers, so as to help you to understand commercial mixing station better.


First, commercial mixing station is mainly based on the model named, such as 25 station, 35 station, 50 station, etc. Commercial mixing station is small but perfectly formed. Commercial mixing station has very standard corollary equipment, with stable and efficient production. Second, the investment for commercial mixing station is relatively small, which can reduce the investment costs for the purchase of other devices; from the point view of maintenance, maintenance costs of small mixing station can also be reduced. This is very suitable for most of investors.


cocnrete batching plant


Commercial mixing station is the support industry of our country, and also is used widely in new rural construction. So, the investment for commercial mixing station is also a good project with high rate of return. Commercial mixing station is relatively easy to move, which is very prominent advantage for user.


Jul 27 2015

Realize Market Changes of Portable Cement Mixer

Portable cement mixer industry develops very fast in recent years, especially the small concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer equipment. Market is full of competition. So, portable cement mixer manufacturers need to grasp the market dynamics of portable cement mixer. They can consider portable cement mixer’s market dynamics from two aspects: one is the economic policy of the country; the other is the needs of our customers and the market. As long as master the both trends, we can produce better portable cement mixer equipment to grasp the potential market of portable cement mixer machinery.

portable cement mixer

Now the introduction of national policy brings more competitive to the portable cement mixer equipment market. Rationalization, environmental protection and energy efficiency portable cement mixer machine is the main stream in market. Combined with our customers’ needs, we are able to understand the market information roughly. These market conditions help us to insight business opportunities early. In this way, we can take a place in portable cement mixer market. Now construction machinery market has been formed, what we have to do is to form the portable cement mixer brand and make sure the quality of our mixer machine, so that more customers can find us.


Jul 24 2015

MP750 Concrete Mixer Has Big Market in Uruguay

On May 28, 2015, Daswell exported a set of MP750 concrete mixer to Uruguay. Before the delivery, the Uruguay client visited our factory and workshop, and asked many detailed information about the MP750 concrete mixer. Daswell MP planetary concrete mixer is fashionable throughout the international market. Welcome customers at home and abroad to purchase our MP series compulsory concrete mixer.


MP750 planetary concrete mixer adopts Germany technology and is used in the production of ordinary commodity concrete and precast concrete, as well as high quality concrete. Planetary concrete mixer has compact structure, stable transmission, novel style, remarkable performance, economy and durability, convenient installation and maintenance, and no leakage trouble.


If you have any requirement of concrete batching plant, please contact us freely.


concrete mixer


Welcome all the clients around the world to visit our factory.


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Jul 23 2015

Preparation Work of Diesel Concrete Mixer

1, check whether each link bolt of diesel concrete mixer is fastened or not, whether the parts of steel wire rope clip are loose, if any, we should tighten them in time.


2, check whether motor and gas components’ wirings is fixed and use grounding wires to connect the motor to ground, so as to ensure the safety of the check. All of the switches must be closed in the electronic control, and at that time, they shall be connected to the power supply. The checking rated voltage is 380v, the pressure drop shall not exceed 5%, the voltage is referred to the voltage the motor has in working state, and otherwise it will cause electric cabinet ac contactor in frequent starting, adhesion, damaged and destroyed. If so, we must change new ac contactor, and it even causes motor burn out to add some additional maintenance costs.


diesel concrete mixer


3, check that the pump rotation direction must be designated with the machine in the same direction, or it will quickly result in pump damage; variable speed gear oil needs the regular inspection, and all running fit positions in machine should often keep lubricating, but the belt of diesel concrete mixer shall not be contamination of oil and water, so as not to affect the braking effect.


Jul 22 2015

JS1500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Is Successful in Vietnam

On July 22, 2015, Daswell a set of JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer was exported to Vietnam successfully.

JS1500 concrete mixer developed by our company is widely used by our global users. This machine can be used as a separated mixing machine or used as the supporting machine of the ready mix concrete plant. When matched with batching plant, they can form a simple mixing plant.


Daswell sincerely welcome all the clients around the world to visit our factory and we look forward to making cooperation with you!


concrete mixer


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Jul 21 2015

Critical Side of Concrete Mixer in Selection

As we all know, ready mixed concrete batching plant is professional mixing equipment in all concrete machineries. That ready mixed concrete batching plant can meet demand of user or not is very important. The performance of concrete batching plant occupies an important position. Concrete mixer is the main force of the concrete mixing machine; so for ready mixed concrete batching plant, the selection of concrete mixer is very important thing.


concrete nixer


We know that ready mixed concrete batching plant mainly adopts forced concrete mixer. There are three methods to choose the host concrete mixer: the amount and duration requirements, the kind of concrete and the concrete characteristics and consistency. According to the amount and duration of the project: if the projects are large and long duration, we’d better to choose medium or large stationary concrete mixer; if the projects are small and short, we’d better to choose portable concrete mixer. If the concrete required is consistency and large aggregate size, the larger capacity self-loading mixer is the best choice. If the concrete is plastic or semi-plastic type, it is better to choose self-loading mixer.


Jul 20 2015

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Has Good Position United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is a rich country and United Arab Emirates customers have higher requirement on the product design, quality and functions. And frequently, Daswell JS500 concrete mixer is twin-shaft compulsory mixer is a high-end machine, which includes loading system, mixing system, unloading system, hydraulic system and electrical system. After many years’ population, customers give high evaluation for twin-shaft concrete mixer. Because of twin shaft concrete mixer’s perfect performance, it is popular with many countries and regions.


On March 11, 2015,Daswell a set of JS500 concrete mixer was sent to United Arab Emirates smoothly. Before the transportation, we carried on a strict examination to each part in accordance with the provisions of the factory. At last, the JS500 concrete mixer was safely sent


You are welcomed to visit our factory and the working site.


js500 concrete mixwer


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Jul 17 2015

Novel Structure of SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

With the increasing demand in market, SICOMA concrete mixer device is developing constantly with the development of the market. At the same time to meet the development needs of the market, the more important thing is that the mobile concrete mixer can meet some real needs of producers. When invest for concrete mixer equipment, investors need to know some aspects of the device, and the internal structure of concrete mixer is one of the aspects.


sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer


With the application of light aggregate, the types of SICOMA concrete mixers are constantly refurbished. Equipment productivity is higher and higher with performance of small blade straight-line speed, wear better and lower energy consumption. SICOMA concrete mixer is an important kind of device in our company, and JZR series concrete mixer belongs to this type. Diesel concrete mixer has diesel engine with double conical drums. Its drum rotates in normal direction for mixing and in reversing direction for discharging.


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