Jun 29 2013

Which concrete mixer is the best choice for electricity inconvenient project

Concrete mixer is very popular both at home and abroad. We can choose concrete mixer according to our project. Today, I’d like to recommend a kind of concrete mixer to you, which is suitable for electricity inconvenient project.

JZC350 portable concrete mixer, gravity type double cone reversal discharge mixer, is to mix when turning clockwise, and discharge when turning anticlockwise at work and the drum is driven through ring gear. JZC350portable concrete mixer is designed and manufactured according to the standards of concrete mixer GB/T9142-2000 and its features with reasonable structure, high productivity, good mixing effect, beautiful shape, light weight and convenient moving. It’s an advanced model.

JZC350 portable concrete mixer can meet some electricity inconvenient project can with diesel engine working, due to this model concrete mixer convenient split and transit, so sometimes users can move it to electricity convenient place, in this situation, users want to let JZC350 diesel engine drum type concrete mixer work with electric, and not with diesel.

JZC350 portable concrete mixer machine can mix plastic and semi-stiff-consistency concrete, and can be applied to general projects such as construction site, road and bridge, concrete component plant.

Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is always pursuing “Quality, Service and Excellence”, for service, our experienced sales help the customers to choose the most suitable machine directly. We are responsible to equip the most reasonable configurations for our customers. After sale, we are in charge of erection and commission, free training to the operator, spare parts supply timely, etc.

We do everything to enable the clients to get more benefits and to seek more business opportunities in the market. We promise to create more values for you. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

Jun 29 2013

High quality and efficiency of Deswell concrete mixer in Henan

There are many concrete mixer manufacturers in Henan. How to choose a good concrete mixer from numerous factories? Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader specializing in the research, development and production of construction machinery for nearly 30 years.

Now, I’d like to introduce the unique function of concrete mixer in Daswell.

The concrete mixer is used for production to meet the various needs. The machine must not only meet the technical standards, but also must be able to adapt to a variety of terrain conditions. The design of machines and components needs according to different require, which a very important one: automation systems need to have a high level of flexibility to machine technology functions to modify, add and extend machine technology functions to modify, add and extend.

Concrete mixing system consists of a variety of independent units and processes.

Control system

The task of control system is to ensure safe and reliable mixing operation. It mainly controls the gating system of the motor and mixer header. The indirect drive control of the mixing tube is necessary.

The aggregate

The aggregate is weighed in the discharging chute or measured by the strain sensor on the conveyor. If you use aggregate trucks, they are controlled by transducer, the end position inductor and security terminal position inductor. The aggregate silo includes one or two vibration devices to ensure charging accurate. During higher demanding applications, the amount of aggregate in the silo is measured by the radar sensor. If necessary, the radar sensor is also used to measure moisture of the sand. With the acquisition of measurement data, you can adjust accordingly concrete pre-mixing process.

Water measurement

Firstly, the water is weighed by the weigh machine with two control valves; then it is measured more accurately by the parallel flow meter.

Adding accessories

The concrete produced according to the specific requirements of different applications, so, its characters are not the same. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine that no any ingredient to use in the concrete producing process. These few accessories are added by using pump and the weighing machine.

Nowadays, many concrete mixers provide consistency measuring device. In addition, the mixing system is also equipped with microwave sensors and temperature sensors for humidity measurements.

Jun 29 2013

Cement silo plays an important role in concrete batching plant

Structure of cement silo:

Sheet cement silo (chip installed cement silo) is of cylindrical structure. The bottom of the entire warehouse body is supported by four round tube legs. All of the steel structure of the entire warehouse is in the form of welded ; top is a dust catcher and pressure relief valve .The entire sheet cement silo contains warehouse steel structure portion, the ladder , guard rail , tube , dust catcher , a pressure relief valve , high and low level meter , discharge valve etc.

Characteristics of cement silo

1. Mainly used as a cement storage tank of Concrete Mixing Plant;

2. It is a sealed silo for bulk storage object, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash, etc.

3. It can be equipped level indicator so as to monitor the material level and amount.

4. With the screw conveyor, the materials can be conveying to a certain position.

5. Suitable for loading into containers and exporting to overseas.

6. Screw connection in inner side, anti-corrosion;

7. Perfect sealing assure its efficient working performance.

Function of cement silo

With scientific and simple structure, great strength, large capacity, and good sealing, The Cement Silo is suitable for the storage of powdery and grain stuff. It is widely used in many fields such as grain, feed, food, chemicals, brewery, and so on. It also can be used as warehouse.

The Cement Silo is in international standard and has capacity from 500 tons to 10000 tons. The side wall steel sheets are designed according to theory of highest strength. The steel sheets of the Cement Silo are galvanized 275 g/ m2 and 350 g/m2 in accordance with international standard. Besides, there are many ways of unloading, such as the fluidized unloading, multi-spot unloading, etc. Space structure technology is used in design of the silo framework to ensure the stability of big span, the angle is 25° with good strength.

Jun 29 2013

Analysis the reasons for concrete mixer shaft stalling

A concrete mixer is a powered device that mixes cement with water and aggregate, such as sand or pea gravel, to make concrete. Concrete mixers range from the very large commercial mixing truck to the smaller, portable concrete mixer sometimes called a “mini mixer”. A concrete mixer is comprised primarily of a motor, a rotating drum, and often a chute. Inside the drum, the materials used to make concrete spin around, mixing together evenly and remaining soft for application and forming.

Concrete mixer can mix hard concrete, plasticity concrete, liquidity and lightweight aggregate concrete and various grouts, mortar. It is a high efficiency machine and often used for big, middle, small size precast components factory and road, bridge, water conservancy, etc.

When using concrete mixer, sometimes there will be something wrong with the shaft. Today, our technical personnel will tell you why the shaft stops and how to deal with it.

1. The electrical machine rubber belt is too loose


If the electrical machine rubber belt is too loose, it will lead to transitive power short. Even smaller load also can lead to mixer shaft stalling.


If rubber belt too loose leads to mixer shaft stalling, it needs stop machine and adjust the tension device to strain rubber belt.

2. There are big foreign material between pot wall and mixing blade or side blade


Between pot wall and mixing blade or side blade having big foreign material can also make mixer shaft stalling. The reason of storing foreign material is the excessive gap between pot wall and mixing blade or side blade.


When appearing this trouble, it needs stop concrete mixer immediately to check and worker gets rid of foreign material, and readjustment the gap between pot wall and mixing blade or side blade.

3. Serious overload


Mixer shaft exceed regular workload can make it move slowly. If the load is too big, it can make mixer shaft stall.


If overload cause mixer shaft stalling, it needs adjust the charging rate, discharge redundant material and reduce the mixer shaft running load to make it normal running.

Jun 28 2013

Hot selling DS Series foam cement supplier

Daswell will use the new and improved foam stability enhancer to update the technical of the foam concrete, its biggest feature is the collapse mode, does not crack. The performance of the self-heating, rapid solidification hardening with cold water, slow alcohol foam, do not pick the cement, do not pick the hydrogen peroxide, people can easily do higher intensity, more bright and smooth surface, and only 325 ordinary Portland cement is ok. From now on, making the foam cement insulation board longer trouble is downright.

DS SERIES concrete block making machine can produce concrete blocks, standard/solid/hollow/porous masonry products, paving stones with or without facemix, grass blocks, interlocks, etc. The concrete brick making machineries are all fully-automatic design and double-vertical pressurizing vibrating to insure the block shape well.

Charecteristics of DS series Concrete Brick Making Machinery:

1. Adopt Germany, Italy, and Japan technology to manufacturing;

2. Compatible with the concrete blocks, standard/solid/hollow/porous masonry products, paving stones with or without facemix, grass blocks, interlocks, etc.;

3. Adopt sub-storage device to overcome the liquefaction of concrete defects in advance;

4. The whole set of machine can be operated automatically, except DS4-35 be operated semi-automatically.

5. Adopt four-oriented approach to insure the pressure head and mold box move exactly with good stability, and wide fixed mold plate for mold box, with the replacement of various models of multi-purpose tool of a machine to meet the various needs.

6. The host machine adopts hydraulic rotational molding and vibration compression molding.

Jun 28 2013

How to proper operate new concrete machine

With rapid develop of economy, construction industry has become more and more important no matter urban city or rural country. Therefore, concrete machine also become popular.

Today, we will introduce how to proper operate new concrete machine

1. New machine should be as requested in the instructions for use before using, survey held and necessary testing run to systems and parts.

2. Have the no-load test before working, and observe the blades of the mixing drum rotation direction whether consistent with the direction shown by the arrow. If opposite directions, you should change the electrical wiring. Reverse discharge concrete mixers should be positive and negative rotation for a few minutes, to see whether have impact and judder. If having abnormal noise should check out.

3. The parking place of mobile concrete mixer must choose smooth and massy field, and should have good water draining measure around.

4. When the hopper in the lowest position, should add a bed cushion between hopper and ground.

5. Check up the pressure and power, the pressure rang not exceed 5% of concrete mixer electric equipment regulation.

6. After concrete mixer in its position, lay down their support to jack up the rack, and make the tires off the ground. When using time relatively long area, should apply underlay wood set up the machine, remove the tire and draw bar, and make the machine level.

7. After the drum and blades well running, it can have hopper lifting test to observe the clutch and brake whether flexible.

8. Check and revise the pointing of water system whether accordance with actual water yield. If the error exceeds 2%, it should check pipeline whether leakage, and adjust the throttling valve in necessity.

9. Joined the mixture at a time, must not exceed 10% of rated value of the concrete mixer. To reduce viscosity, feeding should be in the order of coarse aggregate, cement, sand, or sand, cement.

Jun 28 2013

Structure and function of concrete mixing station control system

Nowadays, one centre of concrete mixing station is concrete mixing station control system. Control system is very important as if human brain. Many users are unclear to features and functions of concrete mixing station control system. Today, we introduce detailed concrete mixing station for users.

The main function of control system is centralized controlling whole concrete mixing station, to insure everything well of concrete mixing station. The control system main includes MCC control cabinet, operating floor, and PLC and IPC system. The MCC control cabinet includes low-voltage apparatus and frequency changer and other equipment. The operating floor includes operation button, intermediate relay and instrumentation.

Function of concrete mixing station control system

1. The control system has some functions: long data storage time, the statistics and print of daily data, monthly data, and yearly data.

2. Automatic burdening, continuous mixing, manual operation. For convenient maintain, the control system also has manual control changing-over function.

3. The control system has these functions: showing flow rate and cumulant of materials, failure warning information and parameter modification.

4. Showing dynamic process flow and running state of equipment

Jun 28 2013

The development prospect of concrete mixer in China

Concrete mixer is widely used in construction industry and become more popular both at home and abroad. Behind the growth of 8% GDP of China, is only for the United States 26.9%, Japan 11.5% energy efficiency. With the increasing in demand for China’s infrastructure construction, the installation base of China construction machinery and equipment, but these energy-intensive devices have a negative impact on the environment, and are also increasingly received wide attention.

Being limited by a double test with financial and technical, domestic enterprises only rely on technology research and development to achieve energy saving safe, is still a long way. Thus, enterprises also need to find more ways to ensure that current clients could not afford high inputs of new technologies, energy efficiency remains effective implementation. portable concrete mixer

12th Five-year Plan shows that in the future 5-10 years, construction machinery industry will become an important plate to promote energy-saving and emission reduction. Developing the energy saving technology study and energy diversity technologies research of engineering mechanical products would be one of the important tasks in “Twelve-Five” period. Therefore, how to make own products more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, become a problem needed to be solved placed before domestic and foreign construction machinery manufacturers.

Machinery industry is the important foundation pillar industry of the national economy, mechanical industry energy-saving and emission reduction is the internal need of restructuring, transforming the pattern of development in the industry, as well as through providing energy-saving products, developing energy saving, water saving , materials saving, intelligent high-added-value product.

Jun 28 2013

What can we do to ensure concrete quality

During the process of concrete mixing equipment production, each link executing agency works orderly under the control of automatic control system, but due to the production site environment factors: vibration, temperature and humidity may lead to a failure executing agency of a certain link, such as the host repeated feeding, slump out of control, excessive additives, and so on, thus affecting the quality of the concrete.

In order to ensure the concrete quality, there are the following protection measures:

1). According to the different mechanical structure and properties of materials, slow batching value, the drop value, and buckles that amount will be automatically adjusted in advance, or you can manually adjust the weight change detection and zero-tracking capabilities.

2) Measure scale and mixing cylinder have memory protection function during the time of power failure, and this effectively prevents second feeding.

3) Professional zero and indexing sign protection effectively prevent the wrong adjustment.

4) Software logging in and electronic scale adjustment need the user’s password, this effectively ensure the security of important production data.

5) Automatic repairing scale: when the weighing value < desired value allowable error, the system automatically opens ingredients agencies to fill repairing scale functionality.

6) Improved automatic distribution form, automatically equal distribution ingredients, reducing the fluctuations in the fall to improve measurement accuracy.

Jun 28 2013

Foam Concrete Block is beneficial to environment protection

Foam Concrete Block is very popular in recent years. Concrete block making machine can produce concrete blocks, standard/solid/hollow/porous masonry products, paving stones with or without facemix, grass blocks, interlocks, etc. The concrete brick making machineries are all fully-automatic design and double-vertical pressurizing vibrating to insure the block shape well.

According to statistics, only a year across the country more than up to 130 million cubic meters fly ash emissions from 2000 coal-fired power plants, the industrial waste at the age of stacked within our day by day seriously reduce to arable land, the river constitutes a serious pollution to the environment. “Sandstorm” repeated attacks over the years and accumulated many of fly ash and other industrial waste emissions; also, the increasing deterioration of the living space has seriously affected the yield. In addition, our country each year, a total of fire 700 billion pieces of solid clay brick, the removal of 1.4 billion cubic meters, equivalent to destroy fields 800 million cubic meters, with 60 million tons of standard coal consumption. Professor points out, China has 7% of the world’s arable land, feeding 22% population of world, this waste cannot be ignored.

Choose fly ash and other industrial waste concrete block, can deal with pollution, sewage money saving, environmental protection, and cultivated land, but also will fly ash and other industrial waste as a resource to use, creating very considerable benefits for the company. With annual output of 50000 cubic meters of foam concrete accounting, to dispose of 18000 tons of fly ash, save power plant sewage capital of $159, 000, create economic benefit of $520 thousand; If compared with the same amount of solid clay brick, can save 3800 tons of standard coal, protect arable land, 100 times as much as 668 hectare. Apparently, if choose the project technology and equipment to produce foam concrete block is very beneficial to our environment production. concrete mixer

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