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Details of Daswell Forced Type Concrete Mixer

Daswell JS series forced type concrete mixer includes two types: single shaft and double shaft. The main models of double shaft concrete mixer are: JS500/750/1500/2000/3000. This kind of machine is combined with the advantages of self falling type concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer; it can mix dry hard, plastic, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. Horizontal-axis forced concrete mixer has single shaft and double shaft in structure, so it has two types. In addition to structural differences, the two models of horizontal-axis concrete mixer are very similar in aspects as mixing principle and function characteristics. It is applied to a variety of large, medium and small sized prefabricated factories, roads, bridges, water conservancies, docks and other industrial construction projects.

forced type concrete mixer

The mixing system of forced type concrete mixer consists of two connected circular trough mixing drum and two agitator shafts rotating in the opposite direction. There are several sets of same structure blades with proper space between each other installed on the two shafts, making the materials get fast and uniform mixing.

Horizontal-axis forced type concrete mixer motor is installed directly on the end face of a three-stage gear reducer box with the spaces all around, making the materials get fast and uniform mixing. Its output shaft drives two shafts to rotate with the function of a chain wheel and two gears.

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