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Using Notes for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer, a kind of compulsory concrete mixer with high efficiency, is mainly used to mix various kinds of powdery materials. It can not only work independently but also cooperate with concrete batching plant. As the mating mainframe of various brick production lines, such as standard brick, sand lime brick, and all sorts of coal briquette, twin shaft concrete mixer is also an important device in producing coal-dust brick. When using twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which is composed of main case, screw shaft assembly, actuating device, pipeline, cover plate, and chain guard, operators must be careful enough.

twin shaft mixer

1. Before working, operators should check whether the operation is flexible and whether the running performance of vibrator and drum is normal.

2. Materials should be charged with a proper proportion every time rather than too much.

3. Professional driver with good knowledge about every operating system can be hired to drive concrete mixer, so the machine can be stopped and maintained in time once failure appears.

4. Electric parts and cable should be protected from being damaged.

5. Concrete mixer should be placed levelly.

6. Regulations about duty shifting should be taken strictly. The running condition and precautions of concrete mixer should be explained clearly to the next operator.

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