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Concrete Mixer is Used Widely in Construction Machinery

In the construction engineering industry, concrete mixer is one of the most widely used and most consumable construction equipment. It occupies an important position in Chinese engineering construction industry, as well as concrete machinery industry in the world. In recently years, concrete mixer equipment market has experienced the cruelty of market competition, and manufacturing enterprises have entered into the meager profit era. At the same time, all the concrete mixer enterprises have paid attention to the technology improvement of concrete mixer. For example, Daswell concrete mixer has advantages like high production capacity, high precision weighing, less investment cost, good mixing quality, and so on.

reversing drum concrete mixer

With the continuous advancement of Chinese urbanization, concrete has been widely used in many fields, and concrete machinery has also got a rapid development. At present, there are many concrete mixer enterprises in China, and the product develops in the direction of serialization. However, the technical level is uneven. A part of products are close to the international advanced level, some technologies are more advanced than foreign countries and some products have high automation degree. The control system of concrete mixer has changed its microcomputer control mode, and the overall quality of concrete mixer has a significant improvement. Besides, the economical efficiency, reliability and practicability of concrete mixer have been improved obviously to reach the international advanced level.

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