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Steps for Operating Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer

As the most common concrete mixer types in our daily life, both large-scale drum concrete mixer and small-sized drum concrete mixer all belong to civil concrete mixer equipment, which has no large capacity, while suitable for small and medium size constructions.

Drum type concrete mixer must be operated correctly; otherwise, it will bring inconvenience rather than ideal benefit for users. The correct steps to operate drum concrete mixer will be shown as follows:

reversing drum concrete mixer

After starting drum concrete mixer, clutch should be put on until electric motor runs normally. After 2 to 3 minutes of empty running, if the mixing drum of concrete mixer rotates stably without bounce, deviation, and abnormal influence, and if the hopper and discharging door can be operated flexibly, production work can be carried on. Everybody is not allowed to be close to the running concrete mixer. When drum concrete mixer is in working condition, operators are prohibited from repairing or maintaining the machine, and no tools are allowed to stretch into the mixing drum. The power of general concrete mixer is usually more than 5 kilowatts. Except for JZC300 concrete mixer, all the other concrete mixer types should be installed with an initiator.

Correct operation of drum type concrete mixer is the precondition of safely operating the machine, so users must operate drum concrete mixer according to requirements.

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