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Choose High Efficient Concrete Mixing Machine

With the developing trend of green construction machinery, Daswell machinery is now researching more effective and energy saving concrete construction machinery. We are going to introduce to you the effective and energy saving machinery.

Problem: due to when designing the concrete mixer always consider the allowance according to the actual construction demand, in the working process, the concrete mixer will not work with high speed rotation and there are many times of non-overloading conditions; second, the traditional concrete mixer usually does not need adjust or adopts speed regulation by mechanical means; in addition, the speed regulation by mechanical means will increase the wear speed of the concrete mixing machine, make the concrete mixer working in the wave state and it is not economical.

Solution: from the relationship between power of the pump in variable frequency speed regulation mode and speed (frequency), we can know that, the energy saving effect of frequency conversion speed regulation is very high, which is better than any of the previous methods, and can be used to recover the investment in a relatively short period of time. Because the load of the pump and liquid mixer load similar, so by the mixer equipment installation of frequency control and energy saving device can once and for all to solve traditional mixer in the use of many problems existing in the process, and through the energy-saving inverter to recover the investment.

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