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Operation Tips for JS Series Concrete Mixer

  JS series concrete mixer can work independently, and can work with the PLD series concrete batching machine to form simple concrete mixing plant. JS series concrete mixer has the advantages of low price, stable operation, high efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance. Used in various large and medium sized precast plants, roads, bridges, water conservancy projects and industrial and civil construction projects. Although the series of mixer operation is convenient and simple, but still need to pay attention to some safe operation precautions.Close the flushing switch when the concrete mixer is in working condition.

twin shaft concrete mixer

  Nobody can stand under the hopper when it is in lifting state.

  Don’t check the equipment in working process. When checking mixing, charging and transmission part, operator should cut off the main power.

  Avoid making sand and stone fall into the running parts of the machine in operating process. Clean up the materials remaining on the hopper bottom to make sure the hopper door can work normally.

  The concrete mixer is not allowed to charge and work with overload.

  After the machine stops working, turn on the flushing switch and start the water pump to flush the surplus concrete in the mixing drum.

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