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Mobile Concrete Mixer Export Requirements

  Generally speaking, most customers do not really understand the specific requirements of export oriented concrete mixer. Maybe some simple problems have confused us a lot, for example, what is the reason why the common concrete mixer types in our daily life cannot be exported to foreign countries? In the following, we will mainly focus on these two problems.

  The basic requirement of export oriented concrete mixer is to meet the demands of foreign users. The differences in economic and environmental conditions make export oriented concrete mixer different from the domestic types. Take civil concrete mixer for example, the most common type in domestic market is JZC350 reversing drum concrete mixer, which is driven by electricity, while the most common civil concrete mixer type in foreign market is JZR350 diesel reversing drum concrete mixer, and it adopts diesel engine. Except for the difference of engine type, these two concrete mixer models share the same production capacity and operation mode.

Diesel concrete mixer

  The most special reason why JZR350 diesel reversing drum concrete mixer is suitable to be exported to foreign market is that it can be taken apart and transported conveniently, and this makes it become the most suitable choice for power shortage regions and construction sites without convenient electric power circuit.

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