Oct 24 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Has Gotten Fast Development

Twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly used in high-rise buildings, high-speed, overpass, and other large concrete engineering concrete work.

In recent years, the sustainable development of domestic infrastructure construction drives the domestic commercial concrete industry development. The expansion of scale and scope is to promote the construction of engineering machinery and the associated concrete conveying machinery, which provides twin shaft concrete mixer with larger market space. Twin shaft concrete mixer is an important tool for the construction industry. With the rapid development of the domestic commercial concrete industries and construction machinery leasing business, the expansion of construction scale and scope, and the western development and construction of northeast old industrial base, it leads to the rapid development of modern concrete conveying machinery, and twin shaft concrete mixer market space has been further expanded.

twin shaft concrete mixer

Nowadays, twin shaft concrete mixer has gotten more and more extensive application in civil construction, national defense construction, infrastructure construction, and it has promoted the rapid development of the twin shaft concrete mixer market, so as to form a larger market supply and demand space.

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