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Apr 14 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Development Situation in Market

With the continuous development of China’s economy and society, the requirements of the twin shaft concrete mixer is becoming higher and higher. twin shaft concrete mixer equipment has become one of the indispensable equipment in the field of engineering construction. Therefore concrete batching plants, twin shaft concrete mixer is becoming a very popular investment industry. Compared with the early twin shaft concrete mixers, current twin shaft concrete mixer has significant change, function and performance progress and high applicability and reliability.

Among the necessary urban construction and development machinery, twin shaft concrete mixer plays a very important role. In city construction, twin shaft concrete mixer is the most basic equipment and the most widely used machinery. With the increasing demand of concrete, twin shaft concrete mixer market will usher in a prospering period. This also provides rare development opportunity for the Chinese twin shaft concrete mixer.

js concrete mixer

Throughout the development of China’s construction machinery industry, we have made some progress, and our products are very popular in the international market. However, we also cannot be blindly optimistic. We must achieve steady progress to make the twin shaft concrete mixer equipment’s development trend more rational and healthy in the future.


Mar 23 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Can Meet Different Needs

Through continuous research and development progress, Daswell twin shaft concrete mixer can satisfy the production requirements of various kinds of types of mixing stations. Twin shaft concrete mixer mainly can be divided into JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and so on according to the production. At present, domestic mainstream twin shaft concrete mixer is given priority to SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, because the large mixing station requires concrete mixer with higher stability and reliability. Now, Daswell machinery also can produce large forced concrete mixer, which is able to complete construction site requirements of various kinds of small, big and medium-sized concrete mixing station.

JS concrete mixer

Daswell has occupied market, we must constantly improve the quality of parts and accessories, and twin shaft concrete mixer is the core component of concrete batching station, and is the important guarantee of mixing plant production. So it is very important to choose appropriate twin shaft concrete mixer.


Mar 09 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Helps City Construction

Concrete mixer is necessary mechanical mixing concrete in construction machinery. Along with the expansion and promotion of real estate construction industry, highway, railway, hydropower station and commercial concrete, twin shaft concrete mixer sales is rising steadily. In recent years, due to the twin shaft concrete mixer plays an important role in various fields, which makes the JS series concrete mixer has gradually become the leading product of mixing concrete.


twin shaft concrete mixer


With the increasing demand of concrete mixer, mixing machine manufacturers are more and more, and the market competition is fiercer and fiercer. But under the environment of competition, twin shaft concrete mixer is heading for technology innovation, personality service, improving mixer homemade ability. Under the background of the construction of a conservation-oriented society, we believe that the development process of concrete equipment in the future will be in energy saving, high efficient and durable, and more intelligent operation direction.


Feb 19 2016

Overload Operation of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1. According to the concrete ratio to determine water supply, renew and adjust the time point to corresponding water supply time;

2. Start twin shaft concrete mixer’s mixing motor;

3. Close the discharging door, add the mixture inside the hopper, and lift hopper.Hopper should smoothly operate and can freely stop at any position in orbit. If there are skid phenomena, we should put the hopper to the pit, and then adjust the brake motor big nut. If hopper ascending normal, after reliable braking, feed the mixing barrel and start the pump to add water to mixing drum at the same time;

twin shaft concrete mixer

4. After twin shaft concrete mixer has been mixing for 25 to 35 s, start the discharging door to discharge;

5. In the process of the above-mentioned test, if the abnormal situation is found, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, troubleshoot and then test it in time, until it is normal.


Feb 17 2016

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Has Continuous Improvement

1. In order to rationally utilize and control capacity, we should also do the modification of the original equipment function, properly equipped with cement, water, admixture weighing, measuring way, etc.

2. Improve original twin shaft concrete mixer, so as to further play the utility of the old equipment; make use of old components to form new collocation, and rely on layout position changes caused by terrain.

3. The control system is one of the important parts of twin shaft concrete mixer, which matters the twin shaft concrete mixer operation efficiency. Thus to improve the control system, we can consider to reform portion control function to the centralized control, and beam balance to the electronic scale, so as to improve the accuracy of the control system.

twin shaft concrete mixer

4. Considering the resource conservation and investment amount, there should be a choice in the modification of the original equipment structure, add the third or fourth bucket, heighten twin shaft concrete mixer to meet mixing car loading, and add cement and screw machine.

5. Functional transformation of the original components, such as pull shovel, sand, cement, fly ash, water ingredients transmission and measurement system.

6. According to the different requirements of site conditions and the existing conditions, the project design discusses with customer .


Jan 25 2016

How to Debug JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1, check if the reducer and the smooth parts of twin shaft concrete mixer have enough lubrication;

2, check the power supply voltage, the extra voltage is 380 v, and error is ±10%;

3, check if the motor and the components of electrical wiring is solid, distribution box shell has necessary reliable grounding;

4, start the motor of twin shaft concrete mixer, two half shaft rotation direction should be together with the panels indicate direction, if the direction is wrong, operators should change the power supply wiring;

twin shaft concrete mixer

5, start discharging organization, and discharging door should be accurate in place. Pump water, and water supply system should be in the normal work;

6, closed discharging door of JS twin shaft concrete mixer, charge the mixture into hopper, and then promote hopper;

7, after finishing all the test work, if finding abnormal condition, we should immediately stop to check it, and then debug experiment again. After a day’s new work, we should check if bolts of transform board and other places are fastening.


Jan 22 2016

Pay Attention to Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Clean

Twin shaft concrete mixer serves as the host of concrete mixing station, and if we want to finish scheduled concrete production per unit time, the twin shaft concrete mixer must be chose well, and for the use and cleaning of twin shaft concrete mixer, you also should follow certain industry specifications.


The use of twin shaft concrete mixer directly affects the quality of concrete production. The daily work of concrete batching plant is very important, and twin shaft concrete mixer is necessary. So, the use of twin shaft concrete mixer necessarily cannot be without cleaning, cleaning precautions of twin shaft concrete mixer:


First, it is forbidden to use hammer knock method to remove accumulated concrete inside the twin shaft concrete mixer drum concrete batching plant, and they can only be removed with chisels;


twin shaft concrete mixer


Second, after twin shaft concrete mixer stops work, pour stones and water into the mixing barrel for cleaning, and then take water and stones out again. Pay attention to that when cleaning small mobile brick making machine, power should be removed;


Then, the cleaning must be regularly conducted, and do periodic maintenance procedures according to specified preventive maintenance and operation, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel, etc.


You are welcome to come to Daswell and we can give you the best quality machines and overall service.


Nov 16 2015

How to Win the War in the International Competition

With the constant innovation and development, Daswell improve the production efficiency of equipment and improve equipment performance to win a place in the fierce market competition.


Through balancing optimization part to improve new type of twin shaft concrete mixer, it makes twin shaft concrete mixer have the high stability performance, more compact structure specifications and small occupation area, which can play a bigger role in limited space. New twin shaft concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of construction sits. Twin shaft concrete mixer is improved in technology, which makes the operation is simple and processing equipment production scale increase. Twin shaft concrete mixer improves the production capacity and efficiency, has excellent performance in all kinds of conditions, and it is the latest generation product.


js concrete mixer


Daswell insists on innovation, continuously improves product performance, and continuously improves the reliability of products with high standard production, exquisite craft design and perfect after-sales service.


Oct 28 2015

How to Choose Reform Direction of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

No matter how is the development direction of twin shaft concrete mixer, its working principle is stable. So, if optimizing the twin shaft concrete mixer, all we need to do is improve the service life and the work efficiency of twin shaft concrete mixer.


Firstly, we need to choose the suitable materials as the production materials of twin shaft concrete mixer. And then we need to improve the maintenance system.


twin shaft concrete mixer


In order to meet the huge market demand, our products should go toward the development direction of high technology, high quality, high performance, long service life and so on. Only the enterprises that make efforts to create the qualified products with core technology can they continually increase their market competitiveness and promote the rapid development on a solid foundation of the existing market share. Therefore, twin shaft concrete mixer enterprises should introduce the foreign advanced production technology and experience, develop and produce high quality, environmental protection construction equipment, adhere to independent development and seize the initiative of technological innovation.


Now many manufacturers do their best research small concrete batching plant for sale, develop and innovate, and they are leading the twin shaft concrete mixer towards the development direction of energy conservation and efficiency.


Oct 19 2015

Better Use of Daswell Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

To better use concrete mixer, operation items and considerations of concrete mixer are essential.


concrete mixer


After twin shaft concrete mixer is turned on the power supply, power and fault indicators are light; when concrete mixer is working, flushing switch should be closed; when the hopper is ascending, operators are forbidden to standing under the hopper station, lest they are hurt; during twin shaft concrete mixer is in mixing process, it cannot be stopped, if accident happens in the process, we must open the unloading door immediately, and discharge 50% of the materials, to troubleshoot and start is again; during twin shaft concrete mixer is in the process of operation, maintenance is not allowed. When maintaining mixing, feeding and transmission parts, we must cut off the total power supply; in the process of operation, do not make sand and stone fall into machine running parts, and materials stuck at the bottom of hopper should be cleaned in time mobile block machine, lest affect of hopper door opening and closing. Materials falling into the pit should be cleaned in a timely manner block making machine, in order to ensure hopper stable after is falls; twin shaft concrete mixer cannot be fed and run out of limit load and; when twin shaft concrete mixer stops working, we should open the flush switch and start the pump to clean concrete in the mixing cylinder.


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