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Dec 16 2015

Portable Batching Plant Is Equipped with Better Features

Portable batching plant has wonderful features in market to seize customers’ interests. Daswell portable batching plant has good environmental performance and highly reliable performance.


Daswell portable batching plant all the powder materials are filled under the closed state from feeding, dosing, metering, ingredients to discharging; dust exhausting tubes of concrete mixer’s cover, cement measuring pocket, and fly ash measuring pocket are connected to the dust collector, dust sheet is set at aggregate filling mouth, thereby reducing dust emissions; totally-enclosed stirring and main belt conveyor structure greatly reduce the dust and noise pollution to the environment; adopt negative pressure dust removal type and special fiber filter cloth, which make the dust into the cement silo filter completely without spreading around when feeding, and the collected dust is easy to recycle, effectively protecting the environment.


portable batching plant


What is more, Daswell portable batching plant’s mixing blades adopt unique high chromium manganese alloy wear resistant material, shaft end bearing support and seal form adopt unique multiple seal, greatly improving the reliability of the host; for regular hit and vulnerability parts, adopt reinforcing steel plate in the department.


Sep 08 2015

Portable Batching Plant Works in a Healthy Way

Along with the continuous development of economy and the advance of industry, our country’s construction equipment is in the unceasing development. And the development of construction industry needs to work a green road, which brings a very big effect on our production and life.

Portable batching plant can effectively produces many kinds of construction materials. Portable batching plant adopts modernized design. It assembles conveniently and fast, no special foundation and debugging. From installation to use, mobile concrete mixing plant only needs three to five days. In order to facilitate the long-distance transportation, the mobile concrete batching plant can be split into several kinds of standard modules which can be put into a container.

portable concrete batching plant

No matter what kind of equipment, the processing of development is all for the sake of our production and living environment protection, and Daswell portable batching plant adheres to environmental development policy.


Aug 19 2015

Portable Batching Plant Selection Is a Difficult Study

Portable batching plant is the more popular model recently, and the rapid development of the urban and rural areas sets a good foundation for portable batching plant, so how to make use of the portable batching plant to better meet the needs of people?


Portable concrete batching plant has less investment and high profits, so it is the best choice for many investors. Since there must be risk for invest, we need to do some corresponding inspection work in the early stage of the investment. The so-called investigation refers to the place that you need to feed the required number of concrete, so as to determine the size of the scale models, and we will choose working site after model selection. Site selection should consider the electricity, water, transportation, etc. Finally, we need to consider the production of concrete raw material supply ready mix concrete plant for sale, which is about the choice of equipment. If the distance from the raw material factory is so far, we need to store a few more cement tanks to ensure sufficient supply.


portable batching plant


We can provide you with the best concrete batching plant according to your unique demand. Daswell is professional in construction machinery manufacturing and you are welcome to visit Daswell factory.


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