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Jun 25 2015

Solve Problems of Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine

Mobile concrete mixer machine working abnormally and failing to work happen on the stage of production. As long as we can maintain the mobile concrete mixer machine well during operation, the abnormality and failure can be effectively prevented, which can even save the maintenance work after the operation of mobile concrete mixer machine.


Operators should timely check the operation of the instrument of mobile concrete mixer machine to ensure something abnormal not to happen. If the pressure exceeds standards, the mobile concrete mixer machine is in a situation of overloading. So we should adjust the gauge pressure on time to eliminate abnormal operation of mobile concrete mixer machine. What’s more, a clean state should be always kept for mobile concrete mixer machine, which can make operators easily identify the conditions of components such as loose parts and the) damaged parts. The operators should check and maintain the lubrication of bearing as well as the sealing situation of the overall device. In addition, the places that need to be lubricated stronger should be handled timely. We advise that the lubrication be done in the operation process.


concrete mixer


In terms of concrete mixing machinery maintenance, many raw materials users do not understand deeply enough. They think the maintenance of mobile concrete mixer machine is done either before operation or after before, which are all correct in theory. But they are not the most effective. The real and effective maintenance should be done in the process of operation.


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