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Mar 07 2016

Better Use of Daswell Mobile Concrete Mixer

Daswell mobile concrete mixer is popular among Daswell machines. For mobile concrete mixer has advantages, such as easy to move, high performance cost and less matenance. So have to better use mobile concrete mixer?

Before use new machine, operators should check all systems and components in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer operation instruction. Mobile concrete mixer should be installed on firm a pedestal.

concrete mixer

After concrete mixer starts, we should feed it when the mixing drum is at normal speed, and timely add water; if add new material, we must first discharge all original concrete out. During the operation of concrete mixer, do not make the sand into the machine parts, lest make damage to moving parts. After operation, if discover fault and the machine cannot continue to operate, operators shall immediately cut off the power and clean the concrete within the mixing drum, then for maintenance.

Clean concrete mixer comprehensively, if operators need to clean inside a cylinder, we must cut off power supply. Hopper should be landed to the hopper pit, if rising, the chain is use to fastened it up.


Sep 30 2015

Daswell Mobile Concrete Mixer Says Goodbye to Old Times

Still now, mobile concrete mixer industry has already been mature and developed. In western developed countries, Daswell diesel concrete mixer, mobile concrete mixer and other types have good sales.


Domestic mobile concrete mixer develops to the present, under the restriction and influence of various factors, makes production technology slow development, and old levels production technology also occupies the majority of market share, which makes domestic mobile concrete mixer overall production process fall. In the modern market development, production technology has been developing rapidly, and the future human resource cost of production is also expected to ascend, which also increases the quality of mobile concrete mixer production. New mobile concrete mixer will gradually develop into a market leading role to replace the old mobile concrete mixer equipment, which will make mobile concrete mixer industry more stable.

mobile concrete mixer

For mobile concrete mixer manufacturer, we should vigorously develop mobile concrete mixer equipment, improve the efficiency of mobile concrete mixer production, improve the quality of production, and strive for domestic mobile concrete mixer production technical performance to meet the world advanced level.


Aug 24 2015

Properly Use Mobile Concrete Mixer to Improve Concrete Quality

To improve the quality of concrete is every webmaster of mobile concrete mixer manufacturer wants to do. The quality of concrete is very important to every manufacturer. In fact, it is not difficulty to improve the quality of concrete, as long as you adhere to certain principles.


Every of the raw material needs to undergo rigorous inspection and can be used when reach the quality standards. Cement must be stored in cement tank and undergo sampling inspection. Gravel also should be checked, especially for the quality of coarse aggregate. In the collection egg laying block machine, transportation and storage process, sand and gravel are prohibiting to sneak into harmful substances. In the selection of admixture environmental, construction requirements; water is also very important, if not checked, be sure to use tap water.


mobile concrete mixer


The company’s principal must adhere to the principle of quality first in charge of leading the process. Engineer needs to solve the issues that can affect the quality of production process. In the production of concrete, staff is not allowed to modify the allocation ratio. Mobile concrete mixer staff should always check all the machines diesel concrete mixer prices, and do maintenance work, to ensure the cleanness of machine.


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