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Feb 17 2016

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Hot Sells Abroad

Daswell mobile concrete batching plant is suitable in all kinds of construction sites. The mobile concrete mixing station’s advantages is better reflected in its excellent mixing function. mobile concrete mixing station adopts dual-axial concrete mixer as the host machine, and the product has reasonable design and structure, novel layout, convenient operation and maintenance, which can stir harsh, plasticity, fluidity, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar with high production efficiency.

The other benefit of the mobile concrete mixing station is reflected in the close match of its parts. The material of the parts match together in an orderly way. Automatic control can well save labor costs, and have more accurate measurement, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the mobile concrete mixing station.

mobile concrete batching plant

Daswell concrete batching plant is often used in large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridges, construction engineering, etc. The wide range of market demand determines the rapid development of mobile concrete mixing station.


Feb 17 2016

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Hot Sells Abroad

Cement silo is suitable for loading bulk cement and cement dry fly ash. Daswell cement silo has close and reasonable structure and good sealing ability, which can guarantee the quality of the cement is not affected by the outside world and changeable weather conditions, and used with screw conveyor, it can realize the cement automation conveying, so as to improve the construction progress and quality of the project.So, how to avoid the troubles of 80t cement cement silo?

First of all, installation must be firm, as the saying goes: only the foundation is firm can it stand steady. Installation considerations of 80t cement silo are as followings:

1. Be sure to ask professional personnel to install;

cement silo

2. Do well the foundation before installation, and foundation must be built strictly according to installation foundation drawing;

3. In the installation process, pay attention to the protection of capsule and leg, we cannot let cement silo body tilt and cannot let the leg out of shape;

4. Embedded parts at the bottom of the leg and foundation must be welded firmly.


Feb 16 2016

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Leads Green Way

At present, the construction of green mobile concrete batching plant has become an irresistible trend. So, in the process of mobile concrete batching plant daily work, what environmental protection measures we should take?


1, for day-to-day concrete tank and silo cleaning waste water must be inside the tank, and after precipitation, the water can drain to ditch in the nearby. It is forbidden to directly discharge contaminated water to nearby county. mobile concrete batching plant daily life garbage must be stacked within the cesspit, and regularly clean waste to the specified place. Random littering is prohibited.


mobile concrete batching plant


2, after work of mobile concrete batching plant, if there is a surplus of concrete situation, it is strictly prohibited to be away at random, and must abandon to project department designated places, or to the designated place.


3, if there is residential area near the mobile concrete batching plant, we should formulate the corresponding sound insulation dust prevention measures, such as build steel tube, bamboo board and federated eye network wall, and build protective casing at top of mixing station with materials such as steel pipe.


Feb 16 2016

How to Deal with the Scrap Concrete of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant can produce a various kinds of concrete, which are prone to a large number of discarded concrete, if abandon, it will cause much waste of resources, increasing the production cost of the enterprise, and at the same time, it also causes the pollution of the environment, so how to deal with the scrap concrete of mobile concrete batching plant?

A, sustainable utilization

Use the scrap concrete products to make various concrete precast products. This method of recycling scrap concrete is relatively the most economical and practical one.

mobile concrete batching plant

B, for the nonbasic engineering construction

Scrap concrete products can be sold to some remote mountain areas farmers for personal use.This way of processing of scrap concrete has a premise that it must ensure that this type of concrete shall not be conducted in any basic engineering construction.


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