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Oct 16 2015

JS Series Concrete Mixer Exported to Vietnam

Daswell JS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer is very popular among the customers, because of its high efficiency and long working life. This double horizontal axles forced concrete mixer has ISO and CE certificate, and with beautiful outlook and reliable inner parts. JS2000 horizontal double shaft mixer is your best choice.

Daswell sent our JS2000 concrete mixer to Vietnam on October 13, 2015. Daswell arranged the machine and ordered the transportation for him.

If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

twin shaft concrete mixer


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Jun 26 2015

Pay Attention to Issues During Cleaning JS Series Concrete Mixer

In order to the normal use of JS series concrete mixer and prolong its service life, and both forced type mixer and drum mixer should be done a good cleaning job.

When cleaning the JS series concrete mixer, we should pay attention to the following items:

First, regularly conduct specified preventive maintenance and operation of the project, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel, etc.

js concrete mixer

Second, before JS series concrete mixer start, check if all controllers are in good condition, after the shutdown, pour water and rocks into the mixing barrel for 10 ~ 15 minutes for cleaning, and then pour water and rocks out again. If operators need to come into the mixing drum when cleaning, cut off power and remove fuse, and lock switch box.

Third, it is banned to use hammer to remove accumulated materials inside the concrete mixer drum, it can only be removed with chisels.


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