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Apr 06 2016

Essential Emergency Plans of Concrete Mixing Station

In the process of concrete mixing station operation, there will be some unavoidable accidents. In order to reduce the loss of the concrete mixing station, we need to do a good job of concrete mixing station accident emergency plan in daily work.

For major hazards that have been identified in concrete mixing station, take targeted preventive measures to the factors that may lead to accidents. Especially in the process of hoisting, in case of emergency to affect haulage, operators should immediately stop operation, protect the scene, and response to organize rescue. After all emergency properly is handled, we can continue the construction.

concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing station installation personnel must complete safety protection measures. The installation personnel should wear safety helmet before on-site operation.The staff should strictly obey the command staff. In bad weather conditions, it is banned to continue construction, the height must be configured with safety rope. If the cement silo is higher than other buildings, it should be equipped with lightning rod.


Apr 06 2016

Protective Measures Concrete Mixing Station during Rainy Season

During the rainy season, concrete mixing station is easy to catch sudden showers or heavy rains. Therefore in the process of concrete construction, more attention should be paid as the following aspects, and completes the protective measures.

1, before painting templates isolation layer, learn more of the weather forecast, in case that isolation layer was washed away by the rain.

2, if there is the rain, we should stop pouring concrete, the cast parts should be covered.

concrete batching plant

3 when the rain period construction, concrete mixing station, should strengthen the determination of the thickness of concrete aggregate moisture content, timely adjust the water consumption.

4, before the large area pouring of concrete, get to know the 2-3 days weather forecast, as far as possible to avoid the heavy rain. In concrete pouring site, prepare a lot of rain proof materials in preparation for sudden rain during pouring concrete.

5, concrete mixing station’s template support back-filling should be consolidated, put good plate, and check in time if there is sinking after the rain.


Mar 31 2016

Concrete Mixing Station Growth Situation in New Time

Along with the development of the economy, exports of concrete mixing station products gradually rise. Some concrete mixing station products, such as traditional power tools, hand tools have growth, the kitchen electric products and sanitary products which have small proportion have very obvious growth.

As we all know, concrete mixing station is easy to manufacture and has not very high price, but it will occupy a lot of daily cost, which will greatly increase the cost of the concrete. There are more and more manufacturers, which virtually increases market competitiveness.

concrete mixing station

Huge market and center position will further attract the multinational concrete mixing station companies to transfer manufacturing centers to China. The Chinese market is eroded by world concrete mixing plant industry. concrete mixing station’ big workload will use much raw materials and other things As a result, operation waste is unable to cause our attention, but this will waste a lot for a long time. In working process, we need to make best use of the raw materials.


Mar 22 2016

Arranging Concrete Mixing Station Needs Care Local Conditions

Concrete mixing plant is often used in large project with large concrete engineering quantity and long duration. For the concrete mixing station belongs to the joint device of mixing concrete, its site layout is particularly important. Each system needs to be reasonable and scientific assembly, if the installation site has restriction, it will lead to concrete batching plant cannot complete reasonably system assembly, but also needs to consider whether the concrete mixing station operation conveying material and finished product transportation is convenient. Only the reasonable decorate venues, can it ensure the progress of the project.

concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing plant equipment installation foundation should be chosen in the open place, in order to shorten the feeding period of loader. At the same time, it also can ensure the finished product transportation convenient. When prefabricating foundation, we need to ensure the smoothness and the size requirements, so that the equipment installation is firm and the lap joint is reasonable. Because foundation quality will affect the normal work and the quality of the equipment. According to the situation of venue size, raw materials and loader configuration, we can determine the ingredients on material side of the unit. For the convenience of loader feeding, on the material feeding side of batching unit, there should be slope block, between it and batching unit, there should keep a patrol channel which can free access, in order to inspect, repair and maintenance equipment.


Mar 22 2016

Select Concrete Mixing Station according to Market Demand

Concrete mixing station is used to make concrete through mixing powder material, water, and additives to meet the needs of the construction site. Daswell HZS concrete batching plant host adopts JS series double shaft compulsory mixer, which uses the latest design concept of electronic weighing, computer controlling, digital display, and other control technology, which can produce the high quality of concrete to meet the needs of the construction unit.

The selection of concrete mixing station is according to the market demand. Before constructing concrete mixing station, we first need to know our customer demand, and then choose the appropriate mixing plant. If we don’t know market condition to select it, it may lead to oversupply or shortage situation, and these are all very not ideal choice.

concrete batching plant

As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing station, Henan Daswell machinery has many years of concrete batching plant building experience. If you have any question, call Daswell machinery, Daswell will provide you with the most appropriate solution!


Mar 18 2016

Inspection After Concrete Mixing Station Finishing Work

If the maintenance work of concrete mixing station is proper, it can greatly prolong the service life and reduce cost. So, the user should do well the inspection and maintenance work of concrete mixing station.

Step one: disconnect the power supply

To disconnect the total power switch after using concrete mixing plant, lock distribution cupboard door and removal concrete mixer lining. After downtime, we must close power supply control system and shut off the main power supply.

concrete batching plant

Step two: cleaning work

Cleaning the admixture weighing hopper of concrete mixing station and clean the hopper, powder weighing hopper and discharge door. Clean the host appearance and host next hopper.

Step three: check the acceptance

After concrete mixing station workers finish the host cleaning work, immediately notify the mechanic to check, if the acceptance is unqualified, we must clean it up again.


Mar 18 2016

Use Correctly Concrete Mixing Station Admixtures

With the development of commercial concrete mixing plant, in the process of concrete production, we typically add some water reducing agent and retarder admixture to it, to meet the needs of engineering. However, if the admixture is used undeservedly, it can affect the setting time of concrete, whcih not only affects the time limit for a project, but also can lead to engineering accident.

So, how to use admixture of concrete mixing station?

1, regular calibrate scale, so as to prevent admixture excess because inaccurate measurement.

concrete batching plant

2, using admixture and cement used in concrete mixing station need to detect, and dosage should be determined through the test match.

3, for cement into cement concrete mixing station needs sample storage, if there is unusual condition, it can be traced.

4, correctly guide the concrete mixing station operator use it and eliminate inappropriate construction craft to affect use effect.


Jan 27 2016

Two Ways to Reduce Costs for Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station is the necessary equipment in engineering construction, construction of modern buildings more takes concrete as raw material, so the mixing plant equipment market demand is very big, big market also means that the competition is fierce. So how should the user control the cost through the investment of management.

Way 1: the use and maintenance of cylinder in the small concrete mixing station need to be compressed to take effective measures to manage costs, such as the implementation of physical and chemical factors of production operations, according to the batching plant annual production operations to provide equipment logistics service, and to ensure that the mixing plant production must reduce costs in the supply chain.

concrete batching plant

Way 2: in engineering construction process, concrete mixing station have to infiltrate the idea of cost control of construction method, construction technology and construction management measures, through technology, comparison, analysis and evaluation, to guide, supervise, regulate and limit resource consumed in the engineering construction and the expenses, so as to realize the effective control of cost.


Jan 27 2016

Market Analysis of Concrete Mixing Station in 2016

At present, the concrete mixing station supply way is supplied by feeding way, namely the construction side self provides mixture device, so that contractor should be equipped with complete sets of mechanized construction equipment. During development period of highway construction, the demand for construction machinery is relatively strong, which is a good reason to mixing equipment market in recent years. Once the highway construction enters into maintenance and maintenance reform period, construction machinery demand will be in the plateau like foreign. After mixing equipment comes into the stable phase saturation, concrete batching plant will be updated according to the normal service life, and the total demand of mixing equipment will rise.

concrete batching plant

According to the foreign production rule, the regeneration mixture accounts for 1/5 ~ 1/3 of the total mixture, some countries almost every mixture equipment is able to regenerate. Along with our country highway enters into stable repair, maintenance and retrofit period, regeneration mixture mixing equipment will vigorously develop. The development of concrete mixing plant is coming into the period of prosperity.


Jan 21 2016

Difference of Engineering and Commercial Concrete Mixing Station

1. Operation method

Engineering concrete mixing station is built near the construction site, mainly used in a project , the general configuration is unitary, so as to meet the production of concrete, so the buyers are mainly used to produce concrete for self-use;

Buyers of commercial concrete mixing plant are used to sell concrete in the future. Mainly according to the different requirements of users, they sell corresponding concrete to customers. So in general, commercial concrete equipment has generally complete configuration, so that it can meet the requirements of different customers.

concrete batching plant

2. From the aspects of structure

A, according to the type of the admixture, cement mark and design of the admixture, there is difference between the size of the cement silo and number. Generally, engineering type has less kinds of admixture, cement mark and design of cement admixture.

B, generally engineering concrete batching plant does not need cover, and structure is simple; commercial concrete batching plant generally has cover, for customer pursues appearance and environmental protection, structure is larger.

C, under the condition of same production, generally the price of commercial concrete mixing station has high price.


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