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Apr 07 2016

North American Customer Bought JZR500DH Concrete Mixer

Daswell sold another set of JZR500DH concrete mixer to North America on March 31, 2016.


JZR500DH portable diesel concrete mixer is a concrete mixer with diesel engines and double conical drums. Its drum rotates in normal direction for mixing and in reversed direction for discharging. The diesel engine powered concrete mixer is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. It is mainly used in construction sites, road engineering, bridge construction, etc.



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Mar 16 2016

JZR350DH Was Sold to Oceania Again

Oceanian customer ordered a set of JZR350DH concrete mixer from Daswell two week ago, and on March 11, 2016, it was sent out successfully.


Daswell JZR350DH diesel concrete mixer equipped with hydraulic lifting is one kind of mixer that can lift the mixed cement to the building floor, its rated lifting height is 17m, about 5 floors. In this case, the customer do not need a pump to pump the cement to the floor. Inadditon to high quality, Daswell JZR350DH concrete mixer has low price.


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diesel concrete mixer


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Mar 15 2016

JZR350DH Concrete Mixer Sold to Oceania

Congratulations! Daswell JZR350DH diesel concrete mixer was sold to Oceania successfully.

JZR350DH concrete mixer adopts hydraulic lifting way, which is more convenient compared with common type. JZR350DH concrete mixer is a type of diesel type drum mixer. There are two types of blades attached to the inner walls of the drum. One set drags the concrete upwards and toward the center of the mixer when the drum rotates in one direction; the second set of blades pushes the concrete toward the opening when the drum rotates in the other direction.

Daswell sent a new set of JZR350DH concrete mixer to Oceania on March 11, 2016.

diesel concrete mixer

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Feb 19 2016

High Production Efficiency of Drum Type Concrete Mixer

Different drum type concrete mixers, which are frequently used concrete mixers, have different production efficiency. I will make a brief introduction of several drum concrete mixers.

jzc concrete mixer

Drum concrete mixer is primarily JZC series concrete mixer, its model mainly has JZC350, 500 and JZC300 ladder type concrete mixer. JZC series electric concrete mixer belongs to self-falling gravity type reversing drum concrete mixer which can mix materials with clockwise rotation and discharge concrete with anticlockwise rotation. JZC350 per hour can produce 10-14 cubic concrete; JZC500 per hour can produce 18-20 cubic concrete; JZC300 ladder type drum concrete mixer production per hour is 9-12 cubic concrete, and this kind of mixer has a ladder which is different from other types and can transport material to higher position.


Feb 19 2016

The Output of Forced Type Concrete Mixer

In all kinds of concrete mixers, forced type concrete mixer is a kind of high efficiency concrete mixer, which belongs to the JS series. Forced concrete mixer has high production efficiency, generally used as console in concrete batching plant, not only that, this series of concrete mixer can also be made up of a simple concrete mixing station unit.

Forced mixer the smallest model is JS500, the smallest one can produce at least an hour 25 cubic concrete, the biggest is JS3000, which can produce at least an hour 150 cubic metres of concrete, JS750 can produce 37.5 cubic concrete, JS1000 can produce 50 cubic concrete, JS1500 can produce 75 cubic metres of concrete, JS2000 is 100 cubic metres of concrete.

js concrete mixer

Above introduction of forced concrete mixer’s efficiency can explain that this series concrete mixer’s production is bigger, which is suitable for large projects, or for supporting as the host in various types of mixing stations.


Feb 18 2016

Hydraulic Lifting Concrete Mixer Elevator Safety Problems

New type of concrete mixer adopts hydraulic lifter with more advanced technology. In the applications of hydraulic concrete mixer, the ladder frame plays an important role in the work. What are the difference of hydraulic lifting concrete mixer ladder frame and ordinary mixer ladder frame?

1. Hydraulic lifting concrete mixer used high chromium alloy casting pulley with the advantages of wear-resisting durable, long life and others. It has bearing inner side and is flexible operation.

planetary concrete mixer

2. Hydraulic lifting concrete mixer wire rope has the features of high strength, light weight and stable work, it is not easy to suddenly break, etc. Steel wire rope is 12 mm, which can pull 5 tons of goods.

3. the main girder on both sides of Daswell hydraulic lifting concrete mixer ladder uses 5 mm compressed tank steel, which has bigger strength than straight steel. Detail casts quality, and such equipment can bring more benefits to users.


Feb 01 2016

Four Sets of SICOMA2250-1500 Concrete Mixers to Southeast Asia

SICOMA2250-1500 twin shaft concrete mixer would be the most broadly accustomed to ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, concrete block, paver, etc. and appropriate for a myriad of large, medium and small precast concrete plant. Daswell has always worked on meeting customers’ requirements on every aspect. During many yeas’ efforts, we have explored a new designed type.

4 sets of SICOMA2250-1500 Concrete Mixers were exported to Southeast Asia on January 27, 2016.

concrete mixer

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Jan 25 2016

Safe Use method of Concrete Mixer

1, concrete mixer should be installed in a solid flat on the ground, so as to prevent dumping of the sag under the ground.

2, before using concrete mixer, we should check machines and systems according to the cleanness, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anticorrosive program, and make it conform to the requirements; if there are accidents, we must eliminate them in a timely manner.

3, for electric concrete mixer, power distribution equipment shall be installed appropriate fuse and grounding device, so as to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

4, in the operation of concrete mixer, please do not make the sand into the mechanical moving parts, so as to avoid damage parts are stuck.

twin shaft concrete mixer

5, before discharging, we cannot stop machine without any reason, more cannot start after feeding, and adding materials can not exceed the prescribed capacity.

6, before moving into the hopper, feeding is not allowed.

7, when the sudden power failure or malfunction occurred in blender running at full capacity, we must ensure mixing drum materials is cleared, then for inspection or repair. Do not allow start the full launch mixer, in case that the motor current is too large when it is started.

8, after work, clean concrete mixer in a timely manner, so as to prevent concrete agglomerate. When cleaning, we should prevent electrical equipment affected with damp. Cleaning should be carried out after the power to prevent electric shock.


Jan 11 2016

Concrete Mixer Helps Users to Improve Business Efficiency

As the building material production equipment, concrete mixer not only replaces the traditional manual production, reduces the labor of the workers and improves work efficiency, but also can promote enterprise to achieve further development. So for users, concrete mixer is not just a production equipment, but also represents the future development of the enterprise.

Concrete mixer can ensure quality of production and at the same time, it can improve work efficiency. On one hand, concrete mixer follows the rapid development of the market, and on the other hand, it can create greater economic benefits.

mp concrete mixer

With the rapid development of economy, science and technology, the construction machinery industry is in constant progress, types and the overall strength of concrete mixer has broken through innovation. Many users buy more efficient and rapid production and eliminate the old equipment in order to keep up with the pace of The Times, but for some ability limited users, they also can improve the existing production equipment to increase output. Daswell is a construction equipment manufacturer with many years of experience for all kinds of construction equipment, especially with our many years of experience, to improve concrete mixer output can be realized by means of technological improvement.


Dec 11 2015

Daswell Concrete Mixer Is Interested in Customer Experience


China continues to expand domestic demand now, the pace of infrastructure construction is increasing, which will inevitably lead to the rapid development of concrete mixer industry, because it is the essential device of all raw materials.

If concrete mixer manufacturers want to develop their products, they must depend on advanced mixing technology and innovation. In fact, in various industries, if they want to sell their products, the quality and service are the two important factors. Of course, concrete mixer is no exception. What concrete mixer manufacturers need to do is the guarantee of quality, production and after-sales service.

mini concrete mixer

Daswell machinery can guarantee the quality and yield of our concrete mixer equipment. We adopt high quality steel that can meet the mixing demand and they have extremely wear resistant role in production. Daswell concrete mixer brand has deep roots in the heart of customers all over the word. We have good reputation in international market. Customer’s favor is our greatest reward; it is also our greatest encouragement.


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