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Mar 21 2016

Proper Maintenance Can Lower Wear of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant has high price and proper maintenance is essential to prolong its service life. Experience shows that serious mechanical failure is often triggered by some of the smaller faults.These faults need to be paid attention and timely maintained to avoid a major accident.

concrete batching plant

Regularly maintain and repair concrete mixing plant and a variety of groups should be carried out as required. Existing maintenance and repair of different specifications is the summary of the practice experience for many years, which has its scientific nature and rationality. In the absence of significant technological progress and innovation, the regulation of engineering machinery repair and maintenance guide is absolute, which must comply with them.For operaters, they should strengthen the regular and irregular inspection of concrete mixing plant. Regular do the inspection: inspection on winding ascension brake and appropriate adjustments; check pumps and throttle, whether there is leakage phenomenon; inspection on open gear grease and adjust the belt tightness; check the blade and liner wear situation, and take into consideration the replacement.


Mar 09 2016

Analysis of HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant Investment

With the development of the market, due to its diversified characteristics, concrete mixing station is accepted by more and more customers.

HZS75 concrete batching plant is the concrete mixing station, which can produce 75 square an hour. HZS75 concrete mixing plant generally is configurated with JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer with strong power and high efficiency. Equipped with PLD2400 concrete dosing machine at the same time, which makes the electronic measurement more accurate.Then cement, fly ash, mineral powder and other powder material are deliveroed through screw conveyor into the cement scale, then with water and additive into concrete mixer mixing together, mixing into concrete and then is sent to the site.


HZS75 concrete batching plant is commonly used as business mixing station, and Daswell will form a complete set of automatic control system to meet the needs of customers. Our product uses automatic control system, which greatly reduces the manpower of concrete mixing station, reduces costs, improves work efficiency, and meets the needs of production.


Jan 19 2016

HZS Concrete Batching Plant Pays Attention to Development

Government strengthens the supervision of HZS concrete batching plant, which illustrates that construction of green HZS concrete batching plant is the primary task at present. Traditional concrete mixing stations are mostly open operation, which will cause air pollution during windy weather under the action of wind dust seriously and affect the surrounding environment, causing inconvenience to the residents around the life.

concrete batching plant

At present, the development of the environmental protection concrete mixing station is the society theme, and domestic HZS concrete batching plant manufacturer also strengthen the consciousness and use outside cover to cover stone, cement silo, etc. And install dust removal equipment at the same time to effectively control the air pollution. Green concrete mixing station advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency and many others, and it is a healthy way in the development of the concrete batching plant.


Dec 15 2015

Parsing Site Planning of Concrete Batching Plant

The site planning of concrete batching plant is very important, which is able to complete the establishment of the stable foundation, so we should attach great importance to the site planning of concrete mixing station.

First, concrete batching plant needs to be equipped with 1-2 pool, which must guarantee the concrete batching plant mixing work and mechanical cleaning needs. A production line is equipped with at least 2 cement tanks, it is best can be 4 tanks, take turns to use and timely supple, which can meet the needs of the production of the concrete batching plant and no cement backlog.

concrete batching plant

Second, concrete batching plant site area should be big enough.Yard area should be large enough to satisfy the consumption need, and can be convenient to organize feed supplement; sand is dividually piled up to prevent wrong material mixing ratio.

Third, concrete pump can meet the delivery distance, height and concrete supply. Generally, before arrangement of concrete mixer, use the pump pipe to connect to casting, also we can decorate the site near the pouring with concrete mixer truck.


Dec 15 2015

Safety Management Is the Important for Concrete Batching Plant Operation

Concrete batching plant’s safety management must adhere to the policy of “safety and prevention first”, constantly update and improve the level of safety technology, effectively eliminate the unsafe factors in the equipment operation, and ensure project property and personal safety. What we should do as the following:

First, keep an eye on mechanical instrument lights of concrete batching plant and ensure the safety of mechanical operation and mechanical maintenance.

concrete batching plant

Second, strictly control the use of electrical equipment, the native personnel shall not start switch, and do not use the undesirable fuse; cut off the power when you leave the job, and when problems occur, we should ask for electrician.

Third, security inspection personnel shall be responsible for the concrete batching plant equipment, and remove equipment failure in the bud.


Dec 03 2015

Quality Control of Concrete Batching Plant in Winter

The quality control of concrete batching plant should be paid attention to as the following five aspects in winter:

1, concrete mixing plant engineering construction site has to arrange quality inspection personnel, who is responsible for on-site vehicle allocation and the quality control of concrete work. Compress concrete discharging time as soon as possible, so as to ensure the concrete temperature into the mold .

2, before concrete mixing station inspector pours concrete in construction site, he has to see whether the template has a frozen cake or snow on the surface, etc. which affects the quality of concrete.

concrete batching plant

3, after the completion of concrete mixing station’s concrete, we have to promptly notify the construction units to do the concrete covering plastic film and blankets and other heat preservation maintenance work, so as to avoid concrete from the cold; water curing of concrete is not allowed in winter construction, and before concrete strength is 1.2 MPa, concrete shall not be trampled, shuttered and loaded

4, after the concrete pouring of concrete mixing station, quality inspection personnel should timely remind tanker drivers unload the water that is used to clean concrete mixer truck.

5 after ripping the surface of concrete, temperature difference between concrete mixing station and the environment is greater than 20 ℃, so cover maintenance measures should be taken.


Nov 10 2015

Effective Operation of Concrete Batching Plant

As we all know, concrete batching plant is easy to manufacture and has not very high price, but it will occupy a lot of daily cost, which will greatly increase the cost of the concrete. There are more and more manufacturers, which virtually increases market competitiveness. So how to reduce the cost of concrete batching plant is important for manufacturers.

If we want make the concrete batching plant operate well, usual maintenance should be done well, and it includes timely cleaning and checking, and timely repairing parts. If not, equipment paralysis will lead to spend a lot of maintenance costs and cause we cannot conduct normal production. We may not feel that the cost of maintenance is a waste mobile concrete batching plant, but actually this kind of cost is to save more maintenance cost.

concrete batching plant

Then, pay attention to raw material and consumption. Concrete batching plant’ big workload will use much raw materials and other things As a result, operation waste is unable to cause our attention, but this will waste a lot for a long time. In working process, we need to make best use of the raw materials.


Nov 05 2015

Correct Attitude of Concrete Batching Plant Growth

Daswell concrete batching plant produces high quality concrete, but how can we get better quality concrete? It needs us to to pay attention to some matters in the process of concrete batching plant production, in order to ensure the production of concrete batching plant and the quality of the product.


Along with the development of the economy, exports of concrete batching plant products gradually rise. Some concrete batching plant products, such as traditional power tools, hand tools have growth, the kitchen electric products and sanitary products which have small proportion have very obvious growth.


concrete batching plant


Huge market and center position will further attract the multinational concrete batching plant companies to transfer manufacturing centers to China. The Chinese market is eroded by world concrete mixing plant industry. To promote the competitiveness of the concrete batching plant industry in China, it is necessary to strengthen domestic resources from the source, start from the domestic market first, start from the base, and grasp the initiative concrete mixer, so as to avoid the reactive situation for a long time.


Sep 30 2015

Daswell HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant in Ecuador

HZS90 concrete batching plant is the stationary concrete batching plant, which can produce plastic concrete and half-dry-hard concrete, is an ideal set of complete equipment to produce commercial concrete.


HZS90 stationary concrete batch plant is classified into two types according to different ways to feed materials, one is hopper type which can only be used under HZS50 and the other is belt type which can be used above HZS60.


On September 29, 2015, Daswell sent a set of HZS90 concrete batching plant without host to Ecuador.


HZS90 concrete batching plant


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Sep 15 2015

Daswell Concrete Batching Plant Must Be Your Best Choice

Concrete mixing plant is the more popular model recently, and Daswell has HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and other types. The most important of concrete batching plant is model choice, so how to reasonably choose?




DAswell concrete batching plant has less investment and high profits. Since there must be risk for invest concrete block making machine supplier, we need to do some corresponding inspection work in the early stage of the investment. First, we need to know the required number of concrete, so as to determine the size of the scale models, and we will choose working site after model selection. Site selection should consider the electricity, water, transportation, etc. Finally, we need to consider the production of concrete raw material supply, which is about the choice of equipment. Daswell concrete batching plant has been exported to broad masses of customers with its leading technology, excellent product quality and good after-sales service and win the high trust from domestic and foreign merchants.


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