Mar 28 2016

Reasons for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Motor Overheating

After a period of working time in the summer, concrete mixer winding motor overheating appears, especially the twin shaft concrete mixer with high power. How to find the reasons of twin shaft concrete mixer winding motor overheating.

A, the models of twin shaft concrete mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer mainly consists of JS500, JS750, JS1500, JS1000, JS2000 and JS3000 forced type concrete mixer. The concrete mixer has big power, long working hours, and during continuous work, we need to pay attention to the control system at any time, if there are overheated reaction, warning system will work, then we need to stop to check.

twin shaft concrete mixer

B, reasons for forced concrete mixer winding motor overheating

1. Track installation is not parallel;

2. Separation motor brake clearance is too small;

3. The voltage is low.


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