Mar 30 2016

Notice of SICOMA Concrete Mixer No-load Test

1. Start SICOMA concrete mixer and make the shaft rotates in opposite direction. If the direction is wrong, we should change the power supply wiring.

2. Pull out the brake pin and promote hopper, and in the process of ascension, switch two up-link switches with all hands, make the hopper be able to immediately stop, when the hopper is ascending to the discharge position, it should be able to stop automatically. In the process of hopper is promoting and down, hopper should be stopped at any position, when it is necessary, adjust the brake motor big nut.


3. When the hopper falls, there is no stuck phenomenon in a horizontal fork. When it is down to the pit, drum should be able to stop automatically.

4. Promote repeatedly hopper, hopper should be freely up and down, smoothly, quickly and accurately switch switch.

5. Discharging door should be opened and closed flexibly, and the position is accurate.


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