Jan 27 2016

Market Analysis of Concrete Mixing Station in 2016

At present, theĀ concrete mixing station supply way is supplied by feeding way, namely the construction side self provides mixture device, so that contractor should be equipped with complete sets of mechanized construction equipment. During development period of highway construction, the demand for construction machinery is relatively strong, which is a good reason to mixing equipment market in recent years. Once the highway construction enters into maintenance and maintenance reform period, construction machinery demand will be in the plateau like foreign. After mixing equipment comes into the stable phase saturation, concrete batching plant will be updated according to the normal service life, and the total demand of mixing equipment will rise.

concrete batching plant

According to the foreign production rule, the regeneration mixture accounts for 1/5 ~ 1/3 of the total mixture, some countries almost every mixture equipment is able to regenerate. Along with our country highway enters into stable repair, maintenance and retrofit period, regeneration mixture mixing equipment will vigorously develop. The development of concrete mixing plant is coming into the period of prosperity.


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