Mar 29 2016

JS Concrete Mixer Is Used in Building Construction

The change of the city comes from the city’s construction, and JS concrete mixer plays a decisive role in these buildings. At present, our country’s most of the building materials are raw materials, so concrete and JS concrete mixer also become hot investment projects, which presents that the JS concrete mixer plays an important role in the urban planning.

JS concrete mixer has played an important role for the urban construction, economic construction and environmental protection.

js concrete mixer

In the face of severe development situation, to make the production of JS concrete mixer standardized strictly not only needs to correctly guide the concrete enterprises to take the path of green production, but also needs to strengthen the joint law enforcement. At the same time, the majority of the JS concrete mixer users must surmount and strive to better build urban construction.

But with the rapid development of cities, the concrete industry faces two big trouble: one is that in recent years, China is in big construction period, a large demand of concrete greatly stimulates the development of the JS concrete mixer, and some illegal sites are breeding; second, at present, the extensive mode of production and operation of JS concrete mixer and severely lagging behind environmental protection level in China do not coordinate with the construction of ecological city.


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