Mar 30 2016

Drive System of JS Series Concrete Mixer

JS concrete mixer’s mixing system is composed of motor, pulley, gearbox, open gear, mixing tank, mixing device, lubrication device, etc.

Through a small pulley and belt pulley, motor drives secondary gear transmission, the two output shaft speed reducers drive respectively two level configuration stirring shaft through the open big gear wheel and open pinion to reverse constant rotation.

js concrete mixer

In order to ensure the normal operation of the gear reducer in the process of operation, we must add lubricating oil according to the the oil surface height is shown in reducer. After used for 150 hours and 300 hours, new equipment needs to be changed oil once respectively, and later replace oil 1000 hours at a time.

In order to ensure the quality of seal, the device is equipped with a dedicated oil feeder, and oil supply device is fixed on the mixing barrel end face. When injected into the oil feeder grease, we must pay attention to clean it, and do not mix with sundry. In order to guarantee the normal operation of stirring shaft, we should often add yellow grease to the bearing.


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