Mar 28 2016

Concrete Mixing Station Electrical Control System Maintenance

First, the maintenance work of electrical connection relatedĀ concrete mixing station

Regularly check the electrical facilities and the safety problems of the circuit, fasten electrical connection; comprehensively inspect electrical components and fixed contact point to ensure the electrical components of the contact and the common good; for the electrical connection in the outdoor, fully do the safety protective measures of dust and moisture.

concrete batching plant

Second, maintenance of theĀ concrete mixing station weighing system

Weighing system mainly consists of sensors, connectors, and amplifier, weighing system is an important part of the whole concrete mixing plant, so it will be crucial for its maintenance. Do dust-proof and moisture-proof work of various components of concrete mixing station weighing system to; strictly check device connected to ensure its robustness and security; to do well against lightning and welding current fire prevention work.


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