Sep 27 2016

Cement Silos Business with Southeast Asian Customer

On September 25th, 2016, Daswell sent two sets of cement silos to Southeast Asia.

Cement silo is on-site storage container used for the storage of bulk cement. To save shipping freight, we usually equip plate type cement silo for our foreign customers, and each parts of cement silo can be easily assembled at abroad.You can visit the construction site there and we can provide you with the best service.

cement silo

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Sep 21 2016

Prolong the Service Life of Cement Silo

As storage powder capsule, there is material level system, which can show the position of material, and how much. Cement silo used with screw conveyor can deliver materials to all locations.

First of all, at the time of installation, we cannot let cement silo body tilt, out of shape, etc. The bottom of the leg and the basic embedded parts should be welded firmly. Do wind and lightning protection work well. We cannot stricke leg and warehouse body with strong impact. Monitor the cement adherent of the filter bag on time, and immediately clean it up.

cement silo

Second, the foundation must be strong, reaching to the architectural design specification. If chamber pressure is greater than the safety of the warehouse top pressure relief valve pressure, the pressure relief valve opens immediately to release the pressure in the warehouse, so as to avoid blasting warehouse accident.

Sep 21 2016

Cement Silo Dust Extraction Is Important

During the installation of cement silo, there will be a dust collector on its top, and the main function of this filter is energy conservation and environmental protection. In the usual process, clear it in time, or it will affect its energy saving effect.

After long time use, its internal will have more dust, timely and effective cleaning of dust collector can ensure the filter has a good working condition and can effectively guarantee the dust removal effect.

cement silo

For the choice of dust bag, we need to choose no deformation tupe. For after long time use, there will be a lot of dust, if it is easy to deformate, over a long period of time, accumulated dust will make deformation happen, which can damage the installation structure of the dust bag. The most important role of the dust bag is dust extraction, so after using for a long time, we must timely clean up the dust impurities.

Sep 20 2016

Concrete Mixing Equipment Steps into New Area

Along with the development of urbanization and infrastructure construction, the development of the construction machinery industry has been promoted, such as concrete station. Concrete batching plant manufacturers increased in recent years, and the competition is fierce, there are a number of manufacturers competing on price in order to seize market competition, and in order to save costs to ensure profits, they make discount on the quality of the product. By means of promoting equipment’s functions, such as environmental protection, efficiency, performance and quality, among them, forced concrete mixer, mobile batching plant, and stabilized soil mixing station have received the consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.


Daswell machinery always puts product quality in the first place, and constantly inputs costs for equipment research, development and improvement, and improves our competitiveness through technology.

Sep 20 2016

Technical Procedures Concrete Mixer Safety Operation

1, check whether material conforms to the performance of concrete mixer, if it exceeds the scope, it shall not be used.

2, check the mixing tube, turning of the mixing blade and the operation of each equipment, confirm brake before operation.

jzc concrete mixer

3, pay attention to safety matters during work

A. When feeding materials, it is strictly prohibited to turn the head and hands into the hopper and frame.

B. When the hopper rising, it is strictly prohibited working under concrete mixer.

C. After discharging all the original concrete mixer, we can add new material.

4, matters needing attention after work

A. After operation, there need to conduct a comprehensive cleaning. If operation personnel needs to enter into the cylinder, we must cut off power supply.

B. After the operation, we should land inclined bucket to foundation pit.

Sep 18 2016

Modernization Pattern of Forced Type Concrete Mixer

Forced type concrete mixer control system basically adopts bilateral form, namely the system is made up of two high performance industrial computers, one as the main production system, and another concrete mixer control system has manual and automatic functions, sharing data between control plane and management machine, once there is control machine fault, it can convert to the management machine to work, in order to ensure the normal operation in the largest continuous time.

Forced type concrete mixer adopts computer control system, which can reduce the manual operation cost, and avoid concrete mixer failure caused by manual operation at the same time.

planetary concrete mixer

Daswell concrete mixer uses the industrial computer control, which has automatic control and manual operation. Dynamic panel displays mixing concrete mixer operation’s each component, which can store a variety of data.

Sep 18 2016

Judge Environmental Performance of Commodity Concrete Mixing Station

According to the mixing methods, commercial concrete mixing plant’s mixing system is divided into self-falling type and forced mixing type. The forced mixer is most used in concrete batching plant at home and abroad, it can stir liquid, half dry hard and other concrete. Self-falling concrete mixer mainly mixes liquid concrete and now it is rarely used in the station.

concrete batching plant

All the powder materials, from feeding, ingredients, measuring to discharging, are under the closed state. Concrete mixer dust exhausting tubes of measuring pocket cover, cement measuring pocket, fly ash measuring pocket are connected to the dust collector, and there is dust sheet set in aggregate filling mouth, thereby reducing dust emissions. Totally-enclosed stirring and the main structure of belt conveyor greatly reduces the dust and noise pollution to the environment. Daswell concrete batching plant uses negative pressure dust removal and special fiber filter cloth, which has effective protection of the environment. The user can also choose to import dust removal system.

Sep 09 2016

Concrete Mixer Controls Mixing Quality

Concrete mixer mixing quality determines the overall whether quality of the whole project is qualified. Concrete mixer management staff will control the quality of mixing concrete mixer in the following ways to, in order to ensure the overall quality of the whole project.

1, before concrete mixer begins to work, there should be empty test.

2, according to the the stirring time to adjust time relay, ensure the adjustment in the case of power cut.

3, make mixing barrel and blade and field wet.

planetary concrete mixer

4, during the processes, if there is electrical or mechanical failure, we should discharge part of the mixing materials, so as to lighten the load.

5, in operation, we should regularly check the machine, so as to prevent getting an electric shock and mechanical injury accidents.

6, after test is completed, shut off the power and clean up the mixing drum and venues.

Sep 09 2016

How to Make Better Use of Concrete Batching Equipment

1, after the concrete batching machine is set in the constriction site, fit it with sensors and take weighing hopper fixed bolt away, so as to ensure the normal work of the weighing hopper;

2, check whether the transmission part is flexible and the connection parts bolt is loose;

concrete batching plant

3, the successive installation of electrical wiring according to specifications, including: concrete batching machine’s main power cable, various motor cables, sensors cable and remote control cable;

4, no-load commissioning: after continuous no-load running for 10 to 15 minutes, the machine should meet the required standards, or we need to check the whole machine installation in order to achieve the specified requirements.

Sep 08 2016

How to Reasonally Construct Concrete Batching Plant

Before establishing concrete batching plant, the user can communicate with the concrete batching plant factory technicians and complete the entire station layout planning. In principle, all sorts of equipment parts have their own space.

concrete batching plant

The operating platform, bin, cement silo and other part that matters the personal safety of concrete batching plant shall be set safety protection device; transmission system exposed parts should have protection device and safety maintenance protection device. Concrete batching plant set up the signal management system, and concrete mixing plant’s office area, living area or other buildings around the distance should not be less than the signal range, so as to ensure concrete mixer truck and mixing system are in close contact with the control room, which can timely solve the problems of convenient situation.

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