Jul 29 2016

How to Conduct Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

Before starting concrete batching plant, the operator should know of operation condition, performance and security situation and should ensure normal and safe operation of the machine.

Second, according to boot order, start concrete batching plant and prepare mixture ratio and production process requirements of the other work. Start host to see if the motor operates normally and whether the belt runs deviation. Wait for pneumatic pressure to reach the required data, and then we can start the manufacturing process.

concrete batching plant

If concrete batching plant encounters abnormal production and emergency, we should timely treat it. If the production continues for more than one hour, we should blow down water to wash tank and pour out tank water. After completing work, concrete batching plant shuts down machines, according to the shutdown sequence, arranges operation site and fills in operating record.


Jul 29 2016

Different Functions of Concrete Mixing Station Parts

1, control equipment mainly is semi-automatic and automatic centralized control system, including water, cement, admixtures weighing and pulverized coal weighing.


2, the conveying equipment is screw conveyor and belt conveyor.


3, mixing equipment mainly refers to JS series concrete mixer with a certain discharge height, and double shaft concrete mixer types are: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000.


concrete batching plant


4, finished product transportation equipment is mainly concrete truck.


5, the aggregate dispensing equipment mainly refers to PLD series concrete batching machine, according to needs and different production, users choose a different models of batching machine equipment.


6, material storage equipment refers to the warehouse/bulk cement tank, which can be customized according to users’ needs.


Jul 27 2016

Strengthen the Green Concept of Concrete Mixing Station

A, strengthen the whole equipment environmental protection

Concrete mixing station should be added out cover and transporting aggregate, powder and mixing work are conducted in a closed environment, which can effectively prevent the spread of dust and reduce air pollution.

B, the unified storage of waste material

concrete batching plant

All kinds of garbage or waste of concrete mixing station shall be deposited in concentrated point, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, prohibit disorderly dumping. The ground surface concrete should be cleared in time, store them in designated venue, and waste residue and waste water need to unified handling.

C, strengthen the discharge of sewage

Concrete mixing plant production or living waste-water emissions must be through precipitation, purification and filtration to discharge. All kinds of dirty oil and waste water containing toxic and harmful substances must be treated centrally. Never pour any untreated waste water directly into the nearby river system.


Jul 27 2016

The Importance of Concrete Mixing Station Measuring System

In concrete mixing station, if concrete mixer is “heart” of the concrete batching plant, and the metering system is the “soul” of concrete mixing station. Measurement system directly affects the performance and quality of concrete.


The measurement system of concrete mixing station general reflects on the water, cement, additive as well as the application of measurement. Accuracy and stability of metering system determines the quality of concrete production. Static accuracy cannot meet the requirements, and the key lies in the dynamic measurement accuracy and data capture for computer.


concrete batching plant


Cement, admixture and water error cannot be more than ±1%, if finding that the quality of cement and admixtures is not enough, we should timely find whether the screw conveyor is clogged, and promptly eliminate it, and aggregate error cannot be over ±2%.


Jul 26 2016

Common Failure analysis of JS Concrete Mixer

JS series concrete mixer is a common engineering concrete mixing machinery, and it is used in HZS series concrete batching plant together with concrete dosing machine.

JS series concrete mixer is used in the HZS series concrete batching plant, and the normal use of it is very important, which is in relation to the normal operation of the entire HZS series concrete mixing station, so we must be sure to know about the common fault of JS series concrete mixer.

js concrete mixer

Causes of concrete mixer mixing motor overheating: concrete mixer mixing blade wears seriously, and there is no replacement in time, which will cause the gap is too big; the concrete mixer mixing shaft end support device has too big resistance; the voltage is too low. Solutions: don’t put concrete mixer in super capacity; replace blade and adjust the gap; fill grease to stir support device; adjust the voltage and bold the power cord.


Jul 26 2016

Discharge System of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Double shaft concrete mixer is forced concrete mixing machinery, for this concrete mixer is suitable for the HZS series concrete batching plant, it also known as the engineering used concrete mixer.


JS series engineering concrete mixer’s discharge system consists of discharging door and the manual operating lever. But if there is the installation of electric putter, it can realize long-distance operation.



twin shaft concrete mixer



JS series concrete mixer’s double shaft discharge door is installed at the bottom of the concrete mixer, and realizes motor discharge through electric putter. Electric push rod bearing is installed on the chassis, and there is installed a limit switch above the discharging door, so as to control the open and close position of the discharging door, and by adjusting the position of the sealing strip, make sure the discharging door seal. Concrete mixer unloading rod of manual operation is used when the temporary power failure emergency discharge and electric push rod failure, when using it, we should release electric putter. Twin shaft concrete mixer junction box of electric draw stem is equipped with two limit switches, which play the overload protection function.


Jul 25 2016

Complete Set of Brick Making Machine Machine Mold

When brick making machine is in production, there are many molds, so as to realize the smooth functioning of the equipment. So what is the form a complete set of mold?

In short, the mould is used for molding tools, this tool has all parts, and different moulds are made up of different parts. It is mainly by changing the molding material physical state to implement items shape. Mold is the molding tool to prompt baking-free brick and hollow block molded.

There are a lot of molds, and according to the different specifications of baking-free brick molding mould, it can be divided into the following kinds:

Standard brick mold – the production of standard unburned bricks

brick making machine

Hollow block mold – the production of concrete hollow block

Pavement tile mold – the production of color pavement brick, square brick and the Netherlands brick

Road edge stone mold – the production of road edge stone


Jul 25 2016

Daswell Brick Making Machine Realizes Environmental Protection

Daswell has positive response to the national advocacy of energy conservation and emissions reduction to realize the concept of circular economy, and combined with the market and the needs of the user at the same time to research and develop a new brick machine equipment, which can use slag, tailing, waste residue to produce blocks.


1. Protect arable land to avoid destroyed field


Using hollow block made by waste residue instead of clay solid brick, it can diminish the areas of destroyed field.


2. Save energy and reduce energy consumption


brick making machine


Slag hollow block saving energy is embodied in two aspects: one is saving brick coal consumption and the second is to save energy consumption of building heating and cooling.


3. The function is much and has good performance


Compared with solid clay bricks, slag hollow block is with thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, qualitative light, earthquake, and its building earthquake resistance capability is strong.


4. Reduce the cost of construction and economic advantage is remarkable


Jul 22 2016

Installation Steps of Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing plant produces concrete for roads, construction, port and other infrastructure needs. So, after the user purchases concrete mixing station, its installation is the most important step. What installation steps will concrete mixing station follow ?

First of all, the installation of the concrete mixing station should be done under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. In order to ensure the concrete mixing station can be installed in time, after the users negotiates with supplier, make a detailed plan according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and situation.

concrete batching plant

Secondly, after concrete mixing station connection is completed, the installation of each part needs to be checked one by one. For electrical systems, operating systems, mechanical systems and power lines, confirm the connection is correct, fix them firmly, and debug them under the guidance of the technical personnel.

Finally, after the debugging of concrete mixing station, according to the contract requirements and in accordance with the acceptance form, the two sides check equipment operation condition, if all the technical performance indicators conform to the provisions, concrete batching plant can be used.


Jul 22 2016

Future Situation of JZC Concrete Mixer

Along with the development of industry in our country and the improvement of science and technology, domestic JZC concrete mixer is also in fast development. Before the economic reform, the construction mostly adopts the site mixing concrete, and the concrete mixer has low efficiency, which far cannot satisfy the need of production, so a lot of concrete equipment is mainly dependent on imports at that time.


jzc cocnrete mixer


After 30 years of continuous efforts, the concrete mixer industry in China has also made a lot of achievements. There are so many domestic enterprises, producing many types of concrete mixers, which can meet the needs of construction, and many machines are exported to overseas at the same time. It represents the glorious accomplishment of concrete industry in our country. In addition to large and high-tech technology content types, domestic production of conventional products has basically met the needs of the construction. With the development of concrete technology, JZC concrete mixer has played a greater role in road construction, railway construction, and real estate construction, and its performance will be better and better.


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