May 31 2016

Good Use of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

Commercial concrete batching plant has wide demand of construction industry, so if concrete mixing plant industry wants to get more users support, high efficiency is the first affirmed side. How do concrete mixing plant achieve efficient work?


Concrete mixing plant had an adaptive phase, only through this period can we ensure the normal production of commercial concrete batching plant later, so during the use of commercial concrete batching plant, operators must conduct careful operation.


concrete batching plant


For the production of commercial concrete batching plant, we need often to do equipment maintenance management for concrete mixing plant and make equipment in the best working state. In the daily maintenance, check the hidden trouble in time and try to rule out to ensure the safety and efficient work of commercial concrete batching plant.


May 31 2016

Addition Agent of Concrete Batching Plant

In the process of concrete production, we typically add some water reducing agent and retarder admixture to concrete batching plant, to meet the needs of engineering. However, if the addition agent is used undeservedly, it can affect the setting time of concrete, which not only affects the time limit for a project, but also can lead to engineering accident.

Obey the following notices to better use addition agent in concrete batching plant:

A, using addition agent and cement used in concrete mixing station need to detect, and dosage should be determined through the test match.

concrete batching plant

B, for cement into cement concrete mixing station needs sample storage, if there is unusual condition, it can be traced.

C, correctly guide the concrete mixing station operator use it and eliminate inappropriate construction craft to affect use effect.

D, regular calibrate scale, so as to prevent admixture excess because inaccurate measurement.


May 27 2016

The Use of Cement Silo in Brick Making Machine Production Line

In brick making machine production line, it needs to use a large amount of cement. In order to save the cost, many users are using bagged cement in the existing production line. In the face of it, this will save the cement silo investment, but in the long run, this is the way that a lot of manpower and material resources waste.

cement silo

The price of set of cement silo and the conveyor is cheaper than bagged cement prices and manual labor costs. After the use of cement silo, a lot of cost can be saved. At the same time, the production line with cement silo also does not produce dust. So, many brick production line is promoting the use of cement silo. From the economic benefits and environmental benefits, the use of cement silo is very useful.


May 27 2016

Keep in Mind Cement Silo Safe Operating Mode

After Cement storage bin is fixed, bulk cement trucks transport cement to the site, then connect bulk cement vehicle line into the feed pipe of the cement silo, and transfer cement to the cement warehouse through bulk cement vehicle gas pressure.


In the process of transferring cement to the cement storage bin, operators need to continuously press dust collector vibration motor button and shake out of cement attached to the filter bag, in order to prevent block bag. Once the bag is blocked, pressure in the cement silo is over the safety pressure of the cement silo top pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve can open to release capsule to prevent explosion accident.



cement silo



Through the high and low level, full and lack of material of cement silo can be observed. When there needs feeding materials, open the manual unloading at the bottom of the cone valve first, and then carry out the cement through concrete conveying device.


When there is cement silo’s screw conveyor fault, shut down the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone first in order to prevent cement spill over.


May 26 2016

Common Sense of Using Brick Making Machine

One, the causes of the reducer temperature too high


Answer: due to the following reasons: a, lack of oil; b,ventilation is obstructed; c, the input has super high speed.


Second, the chain vibrate fiercely and noise is too big


Answer: sprocket does not co-planar, and sprocket seat looses or lack of oil.


brick making machine


Three, the hydraulic cylinder crawls and the elimination method


Answer: a, air invades; b, piston and piston rod have different heart; c, the piston rod is bending; d, the hydraulic cylinder position is offset.


Four, the hydraulic cylinder has inadequate thrust or speed gradually decreases


Answer: a, high and low pressure in cylinder cavity inter-flow and clearance is too large to cause seal damage; b, leak is too much; d, the oil temperature is too high to cause viscosity decreased.


May 26 2016

Concrete Batching Plant High Quality Works in Right Operation

Concrete batching plant is the essential equipment in construction site. So how to beeter eusure the high quality working of concrete batching plant?

Concrete mixing plant operation needs professional and technical personnel. For operators, managers should strengthen the management and improve their working sense of responsibility.

concrete batching plant

After concrete batching plant has completed operation, we need to maintain each spare parts at a fixed time and location, in order to do a good job of spare parts. If finding there is a failure, timely maintain, troubleshoot it and then continue to operate.

After concrete batching station completes mixing, do well the preparation work of cement tank truck in time. Only with sufficient transporter, can we guarantee the production of concrete is able to get timely transportation and improve the progress of the whole project.


May 25 2016

Checking Project of MP Concrete Mixer

1, check the abrasion of wire rope and smear a little oil on its surface. When steel wire rope wears to a certain extent, it should be replaced.

2, check the oil level of reducer, oil pump and oil amount; check the status of the lubrication parts, and inject oil to the hopper wheel bearing and roller bearing.

3, water supply equipment should keep clean, in order to avoid congestion; check and clean suction valve again.

4, check whether the rocker arm stroke switches is loose, if there is loose, we should be necessary to adjust it.

mp planetary concrete mixer

5, check whether the blade connection bolt and bracket connecting bolt is loose and make appropriate adjustment; clearance between the blade and cylinder wall is up to 5 mm.

6, check the situation of contactor contact electrical box.

7, twist open silting up, check the shaft end seal and make necessary adjustment repair and replacement.


May 25 2016

How to Better Control Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Production

Commercial concrete batching plant engineering construction site has to arrange quality inspection personnel, who is responsible for on-site vehicle allocation and the quality control of concrete work. Compress concrete discharging time as soon as possible, so as to ensure the concrete temperature into the mold.


Then, Commercial concrete batching plant inspector pours concrete in construction site, he has to see whether the template has a frozen cake or snow on the surface, etc. which affects the quality of concrete.


After the completion of commercial concrete batching plant’s concrete, we have to promptly notify the construction units to do the concrete covering plastic film and blankets and other heat preservation maintenance work, so as to avoid concrete from the cold; water curing of concrete is not allowed in winter construction, and before concrete strength is 1.2 MPa, concrete shall not be trampled, shuttered and loaded.


commercial concrete batching plant


When the concrete pouring of commercial concrete batching plant, quality inspection personnel should timely remind tanker drivers unload the water that is used to clean concrete mixer truck.


At last, after ripping the surface of concrete, temperature difference between commercial concrete batching plant and the environment is greater than 20 ℃, so cover maintenance measures should be taken.


May 25 2016

Concrete Batching Plant Competes Fiercely in Market

Concrete batching plantplays an important role in the process of urbanization construction. In traditional model of development, the competition of concrete batching plant is usually price war, which leads to that a factory is difficult to have long-term development. Along with the development of the era, this kind of development model must hold up the steps of the enterprise, and an enterprise is difficult to have rapid development. The concrete batching plantindustry transition is imminent.

concrete batching plant

With the improvement of people consumption consciousness, when purchasing twin shaft concrete mixer, they no longer singly focus on price, and begin to pay close attention to price and service. Service quality is the survival of the enterprise, some famous engineering machinery enterprises all have a strong and complete industry chain, in marketing, service and after-sale link, they have built good profit model, and formed the advantage of sustainable development. With the change of people’s consumption patterns, service comes into another product of enterprise in market economy competition, create the value for the enterprise from another dimension. concrete batching plantindustry has come into an era of service competition.


May 23 2016

Prolonging the Service Life of Concrete Mixing Station

Mixing concrete mixing plant has advantages of uniform mixing and accurately dosing, ans it is widely used in urban road, airport runway, highway, and other basic construction.

In ordinary, concrete mixing station needs to do some maintenance and daily check, it can prolong the service life of machine.

concrete batching plant

Concrete mixing station has to contact a lot of soil quality every day. Once there is jam, it can cause a lot of damage to the equipment. Therefore, after each use of concrete mixing station, we need to check it accordingly. Clear mixing tube inside and outside, discharging door, the dust hopper in time, and rinse clean them with water. Hopper parks on the transportation location, inside hopper can not have sundry, cut off the power and lock the electrical control box, and lubricating points fills necessary lubricating oil. Water in the water supply system should be all drained.


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