Mar 22 2016

Arranging Concrete Mixing Station Needs Care Local Conditions

Concrete mixing plant is often used in large project with large concrete engineering quantity and long duration. For the concrete mixing station belongs to the joint device of mixing concrete, its site layout is particularly important. Each system needs to be reasonable and scientific assembly, if the installation site has restriction, it will lead to concrete batching plant cannot complete reasonably system assembly, but also needs to consider whether the concrete mixing station operation conveying material and finished product transportation is convenient. Only the reasonable decorate venues, can it ensure the progress of the project.

concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing plant equipment installation foundation should be chosen in the open place, in order to shorten the feeding period of loader. At the same time, it also can ensure the finished product transportation convenient. When prefabricating foundation, we need to ensure the smoothness and the size requirements, so that the equipment installation is firm and the lap joint is reasonable. Because foundation quality will affect the normal work and the quality of the equipment. According to the situation of venue size, raw materials and loader configuration, we can determine the ingredients on material side of the unit. For the convenience of loader feeding, on the material feeding side of batching unit, there should be slope block, between it and batching unit, there should keep a patrol channel which can free access, in order to inspect, repair and maintenance equipment.


Mar 22 2016

Select Concrete Mixing Station according to Market Demand

Concrete mixing station is used to make concrete through mixing powder material, water, and additives to meet the needs of the construction site. Daswell HZS concrete batching plant host adopts JS series double shaft compulsory mixer, which uses the latest design concept of electronic weighing, computer controlling, digital display, and other control technology, which can produce the high quality of concrete to meet the needs of the construction unit.

The selection of concrete mixing station is according to the market demand. Before constructing concrete mixing station, we first need to know our customer demand, and then choose the appropriate mixing plant. If we don’t know market condition to select it, it may lead to oversupply or shortage situation, and these are all very not ideal choice.

concrete batching plant

As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing station, Henan Daswell machinery has many years of concrete batching plant building experience. If you have any question, call Daswell machinery, Daswell will provide you with the most appropriate solution!


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