Mar 18 2016

Inspection After Concrete Mixing Station Finishing Work

If the maintenance work of concrete mixing station is proper, it can greatly prolong the service life and reduce cost. So, the user should do well the inspection and maintenance work of concrete mixing station.

Step one: disconnect the power supply

To disconnect the total power switch after using concrete mixing plant, lock distribution cupboard door and removal concrete mixer lining. After downtime, we must close power supply control system and shut off the main power supply.

concrete batching plant

Step two: cleaning work

Cleaning the admixture weighing hopper of concrete mixing station and clean the hopper, powder weighing hopper and discharge door. Clean the host appearance and host next hopper.

Step three: check the acceptance

After concrete mixing station workers finish the host cleaning work, immediately notify the mechanic to check, if the acceptance is unqualified, we must clean it up again.


Mar 18 2016

Use Correctly Concrete Mixing Station Admixtures

With the development of commercial concrete mixing plant, in the process of concrete production, we typically add some water reducing agent and retarder admixture to it, to meet the needs of engineering. However, if the admixture is used undeservedly, it can affect the setting time of concrete, whcih not only affects the time limit for a project, but also can lead to engineering accident.

So, how to use admixture of concrete mixing station?

1, regular calibrate scale, so as to prevent admixture excess because inaccurate measurement.

concrete batching plant

2, using admixture and cement used in concrete mixing station need to detect, and dosage should be determined through the test match.

3, for cement into cement concrete mixing station needs sample storage, if there is unusual condition, it can be traced.

4, correctly guide the concrete mixing station operator use it and eliminate inappropriate construction craft to affect use effect.


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