Mar 03 2016

Introduction of SICOMA Screw Conveyor

SICOMA screw conveyor adopts a forming blade welded to the center pipe to guarantee the dynamic balance, especially adopt variable pitch design to reduce the degree of compression in the material transfer process, which is especially suitable for medium and long distance transmission of cement and other powder material.

screw conveyor

SICOMA screw conveyor motor adopts international standard general motors with high protection grade, reliable quality, and beautiful appearance. Its reducer adopts the special screw conveyor speed reducer and advanced design reasonable, to ensure large dip angle transport, and front seal structure adopts patents to ensure the sealing. The diversification connecting ways: inlet and discharge ports use a various connection ways, which adopt universal ball joint, flange connection, bag lifting and other forms. The outer tube adopts the special high quality steel structure, the overall good rigidity, no dust, and safe and reliable. Efficient transportation of SICOMA screw conveyor: the new type of bearing support increases material conveying space, and decreases the drag of logistics.


Mar 03 2016

Modular Concrete Batching Plant Maintains Environmental Protection

Green construction of  modular concrete mixing plant is the main stream. So, in the operation process, how to guarantee environmental protection of modular concrete batching plant?


Tank and silo cleaning water must be inside the tank, and after precipitation, the water can drain to ditch in the nearby. It is forbidden to directly discharge contaminated water to nearby county. Modular concrete batching plant daily life garbage must be stacked within the cesspit, and regularly clean waste to the specified place. Random littering is prohibited. If finishing work, and there is a surplus of concrete situation, it is strictly prohibited to be away at random, and must abandon to project department designated places, or to the designated place.


modular concrete batching plant


At last, if there is residential area near the batching plant, we should formulate the corresponding sound insulation dust prevention measures, such as build steel tube, federated eye network wall, and build protective casing at top of mixing station with materials such as steel pipe.

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