Mar 01 2016

Simple Introduction of Daswell JZC Concrete Mixer

Different drum type concrete mixers, which are frequently used concrete mixers, have different production efficiency. I will make a brief introduction of several drum concrete mixers.


jzc concrete mixer


Drum concrete mixer is primarily JZC series concrete mixer, its model mainly has JZC350, 500 and JZC300 ladder type concrete mixer. JZC series electric concrete mixer belongs to self-falling gravity type reversing drum concrete mixer which can mix materials with clockwise rotation and discharge concrete with anticlockwise rotation. JZC350 per hour can produce 10-14 cubic concrete; JZC500 per hour can produce 18-20 cubic concrete; JZC300 ladder type drum concrete mixer production per hour is 9-12 cubic concrete, and this kind of mixer has a ladder which is different from other types and can transport material to higher position.


Mar 01 2016

SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Does Much in Improvement

In order to rationally utilize and control capacity, we should also do the modification of the original equipment function, properly equipped with cement, water, admixture weighing, measuring way, etc. The control system is one of the important parts of SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, which matters the SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer operation efficiency. Thus to improve the control system, we can consider to reform portion control function to the centralized control, and beam balance to the electronic scale, so as to improve the accuracy of the control system. Improve original SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, so as to further play the utility of the old equipment; make use of old components to form new collocation, and rely on layout position changes caused by terrain.

Functional transformation of the original components, such as pull shovel, sand, cement, fly ash, water ingredients transmission and measurement system. According to the different requirements of site conditions and the existing conditions, the project design discusses with customer.

sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer

Considering the resource conservation and investment amount, there should be a choice in the modification of the original equipment structure, add the third or fourth bucket, heighten SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer to meet mixing car loading, and add cement and screw machine.


Mar 01 2016

SICOMA Concrete Mixer Improves More Functions

SICOMA concrete mixer’s manufacturing growth and profit will more depend on the level of the added value of product and the speed of technological progress, which will be an important foundation of SICOMA concrete mixer industry sustainable development. SICOMA concrete mixer machinery industry directly serves real estate, mining, infrastructure projects, and engineering machinery enterprises, and as the effect of macroeconomic regulation and control emerges, the impact suffered bu infrastructure, equipment industry, forklifts and other components will also be shown.

sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer

From the point of the international market, raw material prices raise slowly, and industry cost pressures may be mitigated. The manufacture of SICOMA concrete mixer is a high technical content industry, and bear ability of the raw materials rising prices is stronger. Though profit growth in recent years has a significant fall, it still keeps the good economic benefit.


Mar 01 2016

Security Checks before Small Concrete Mixing Station Working

1, check whether the host of small concrete mixing station is smooth, whether blade and connecting bolts on mixing blade support arm are rigid, whether connecting bolts on feeding frame is fastened, whether the water pump is adequate, and whether pipeline is obstructed.

2, clean dust inside mixing barrel and on discharging door and the hopper. Add lubricating oil all to lubricating points.

small concrete batching plant

3, check the abrasion of wire rope and smear little oil on its surface. After steel wire rope wears to a certain extent, it should be replaced. Check the deceleration mailbox and pump oil. Maintain water supply device clean, so as to avoid blockage. Clean the suction valve check and the rocker arm stroke switches are loose.

4, inspect and adjust winding ascension brake. Check whether there is leakage phenomenon of the water pump and throttle valve of small concrete mixing plant. Inspect on open gear grease and adjust tightness of the belt. Check the abrasion of lining board and blade, replace them as appropriate.


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