Mar 31 2016

Electric Brick Making Machine Adapts Policy Reform

Since entering to 2016, China increases policy support to less developed western regions and puts forward a number of preferential guidelines to advertise economic development. Economy develops fast in China, some problems appear. For instance, there’s large disparity existing between western regions and seaside areas, and they most take place in the foremost and third industry. To be able to narrow the economy gap, investment projects in northwest regions become first options for a lot of traders. Economy advances quickly, and property can also be progressively starting to warm up, which adds to progressively calls for new wall materials. Like a complete group of solutions, electric brick making machine continues to get attentions from the public.


brick making machine


Old wall materials may cause bigger waste and pollution towards the natural atmosphere, so that they were removed very long time ago. Among numerous new materials, bricks created by electric brick making machine happen to be broadly utilized as wall materials by fine performances. Simultaneously, electric brick making machine projects have popped up from coast to coast due to the inclination of national policy.

Mar 31 2016

Concrete Mixing Station Growth Situation in New Time

Along with the development of the economy, exports of concrete mixing station products gradually rise. Some concrete mixing station products, such as traditional power tools, hand tools have growth, the kitchen electric products and sanitary products which have small proportion have very obvious growth.

As we all know, concrete mixing station is easy to manufacture and has not very high price, but it will occupy a lot of daily cost, which will greatly increase the cost of the concrete. There are more and more manufacturers, which virtually increases market competitiveness.

concrete mixing station

Huge market and center position will further attract the multinational concrete mixing station companies to transfer manufacturing centers to China. The Chinese market is eroded by world concrete mixing plant industry. concrete mixing station’ big workload will use much raw materials and other things As a result, operation waste is unable to cause our attention, but this will waste a lot for a long time. In working process, we need to make best use of the raw materials.


Mar 30 2016

Notice of SICOMA Concrete Mixer No-load Test

1. Start SICOMA concrete mixer and make the shaft rotates in opposite direction. If the direction is wrong, we should change the power supply wiring.

2. Pull out the brake pin and promote hopper, and in the process of ascension, switch two up-link switches with all hands, make the hopper be able to immediately stop, when the hopper is ascending to the discharge position, it should be able to stop automatically. In the process of hopper is promoting and down, hopper should be stopped at any position, when it is necessary, adjust the brake motor big nut.


3. When the hopper falls, there is no stuck phenomenon in a horizontal fork. When it is down to the pit, drum should be able to stop automatically.

4. Promote repeatedly hopper, hopper should be freely up and down, smoothly, quickly and accurately switch switch.

5. Discharging door should be opened and closed flexibly, and the position is accurate.


Mar 30 2016

Drive System of JS Series Concrete Mixer

JS concrete mixer’s mixing system is composed of motor, pulley, gearbox, open gear, mixing tank, mixing device, lubrication device, etc.

Through a small pulley and belt pulley, motor drives secondary gear transmission, the two output shaft speed reducers drive respectively two level configuration stirring shaft through the open big gear wheel and open pinion to reverse constant rotation.

js concrete mixer

In order to ensure the normal operation of the gear reducer in the process of operation, we must add lubricating oil according to the the oil surface height is shown in reducer. After used for 150 hours and 300 hours, new equipment needs to be changed oil once respectively, and later replace oil 1000 hours at a time.

In order to ensure the quality of seal, the device is equipped with a dedicated oil feeder, and oil supply device is fixed on the mixing barrel end face. When injected into the oil feeder grease, we must pay attention to clean it, and do not mix with sundry. In order to guarantee the normal operation of stirring shaft, we should often add yellow grease to the bearing.


Mar 29 2016

JS Concrete Mixer Is Used in Building Construction

The change of the city comes from the city’s construction, and JS concrete mixer plays a decisive role in these buildings. At present, our country’s most of the building materials are raw materials, so concrete and JS concrete mixer also become hot investment projects, which presents that the JS concrete mixer plays an important role in the urban planning.

JS concrete mixer has played an important role for the urban construction, economic construction and environmental protection.

js concrete mixer

In the face of severe development situation, to make the production of JS concrete mixer standardized strictly not only needs to correctly guide the concrete enterprises to take the path of green production, but also needs to strengthen the joint law enforcement. At the same time, the majority of the JS concrete mixer users must surmount and strive to better build urban construction.

But with the rapid development of cities, the concrete industry faces two big trouble: one is that in recent years, China is in big construction period, a large demand of concrete greatly stimulates the development of the JS concrete mixer, and some illegal sites are breeding; second, at present, the extensive mode of production and operation of JS concrete mixer and severely lagging behind environmental protection level in China do not coordinate with the construction of ecological city.


Mar 29 2016

Planetary Concrete Mixer Is Competitive in International Market

With the continuous development of China’s international trade, planetary concrete mixer also enters the international market. Our products are very popular in the international market.


planetary concrete mixer


In recent years, our country has offered a lot of advanced technologies, capital, and experience from abroad, which let China’s concrete mixing equipment suffer the fierce competition in the international market. Developing the international market not only can promote the sale of planetary concrete mixer, but also strengthens the manufacturers’ international competition strength at the same time. Daswell planetary concrete mixer includes MP500 concrete mixer MP750 cement mixer, MP1000 concrete mixer, MP1500 concrete mixer, etc. At the same time, compared with other companies’ concrete machines, our concrete mixing equipment price is not expensive. Cheap and fine concrete mixer can better serve the needs of users’ investment.


Mar 28 2016

Reasons for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Motor Overheating

After a period of working time in the summer, concrete mixer winding motor overheating appears, especially the twin shaft concrete mixer with high power. How to find the reasons of twin shaft concrete mixer winding motor overheating.

A, the models of twin shaft concrete mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer mainly consists of JS500, JS750, JS1500, JS1000, JS2000 and JS3000 forced type concrete mixer. The concrete mixer has big power, long working hours, and during continuous work, we need to pay attention to the control system at any time, if there are overheated reaction, warning system will work, then we need to stop to check.

twin shaft concrete mixer

B, reasons for forced concrete mixer winding motor overheating

1. Track installation is not parallel;

2. Separation motor brake clearance is too small;

3. The voltage is low.


Mar 28 2016

Concrete Mixing Station Electrical Control System Maintenance

First, the maintenance work of electrical connection related concrete mixing station

Regularly check the electrical facilities and the safety problems of the circuit, fasten electrical connection; comprehensively inspect electrical components and fixed contact point to ensure the electrical components of the contact and the common good; for the electrical connection in the outdoor, fully do the safety protective measures of dust and moisture.

concrete batching plant

Second, maintenance of the concrete mixing station weighing system

Weighing system mainly consists of sensors, connectors, and amplifier, weighing system is an important part of the whole concrete mixing plant, so it will be crucial for its maintenance. Do dust-proof and moisture-proof work of various components of concrete mixing station weighing system to; strictly check device connected to ensure its robustness and security; to do well against lightning and welding current fire prevention work.


Mar 25 2016

Dawell Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Better Appearance

With the development of science and technology, all kinds of equipment are developing towards fully automatic direction. Commercial concrete batching plant is also now developing to fully automated direction, and there are many enterprises using the commercial concrete batching plant.


Concrete batching plant is completely controlled by computer system, which is what we often call intelligent control and adopts the best concrete mixer. It is with computer control system is very accurate on materials weighting, proportion and feeding, thus ensuring the stability of the concrete mixing plant ingredients and the improvement of quality at the same time.


concrete batching plant


Daswell concrete batching plant reduces the waste of all kinds of raw materials. All sorts of quantity are very accurate for Daswell concrete batching plant and many devices were closed, so there is no necessary waste because of volatile or drop. Compared with manual operation, Daswell concrete batching plant can save a lot of cost.


Mar 25 2016

Planetary Concrete Mixer Enjoys Beeter Developing Environment

Now, the background of economic globalization is booming, and the construction is hot. The selection of planetary concrete mixer industry revitalizing is doomed to be the open mode independent innovation and mainly rely on domestic major projects. Independent innovation is the soul of enterprises, Daswell intends to master the core technology in the industry of planetary concrete mixer through independent innovation.

We are professional in construction machine manufacturing for almost 30 years in China. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with best service and products, our major products include: twin shaft concrete mixer, SICOMA concrete cement mixers and other products.

planetary concrete mixer

Through rapid development, more and more equipment manufacturing enterprises’ comprehensive competitiveness are improved significantly through system reform, mechanism innovation and technology research and development. Needed technology of any country cannot be completely from the original innovation, and we need and be able to actively introduce technology.


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