Jan 19 2016

JZC/JZM Concrete Mixer Usage Attention

1, before use new machine, operators should check all systems and components in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer operation instruction.

2, fixed JZC/JZM concrete mixer should be installed on firm a pedestal.

3, after concrete mixer starts, we should feed it when the mixing drum is at normal speed, and timely add water; if add new material, we must first discharge all original concrete out.

4, during the operation of concrete mixer, do not make the sand into the machine parts, lest make damage to moving parts.

concrete mixer

5, after operation, if discover fault and the machine cannot continue to operate, operators shall immediately cut off the power and clean the concrete within the mixing drum, then for maintenance.

6, clean concrete mixer comprehensively, if operators need to clean inside a cylinder, we must cut off power supply.

7, hopper should be landed to the hopper pit, if rising, the chain is use to fastened it up.


Jan 19 2016

Concrete Mixer-Quality Competition Replaces Quantity Competition

In recent years, several large concrete mixer companies in China respectively consolidates and reorganize with Italy, Japan, Germany’s well-known enterprises and truly become the world’s concrete machinery production base in China, so as to achieve industry monopoly. In the future, enterprises competition will gradually change from the current output and size oriented competition to the latter in the field of higher technical level and service competition.

planetary concrete mixer

Seen from the situation of each enterprise, several large enterprises pay more attention to improve the level of the technology of concrete machinery, reliability and quality of service, and to develop the international market by the concept of integration of Chinese and western, and start develop enterprise from quantity type to quality type. Expecting in the future, our country will appear several concrete machinery manufactures among the world’s top 500 enterprises. During the process, small and medium-sized enterprises with characteristics and regional advantages will be combined or consolidated by big business, and the enterprises lack of characteristic and innovation ability will be directly eliminated.


Jan 19 2016

Conduct Maintenance of Diesel Concrete Mixer

Maintenance of diesel concrete mixer is essential, and all construction machines have wear after regular use. Maintenance in the summer and winter maintenance is not the same.


Because of the season, we need to take unique method for diesel concrete mixer’s maintenance. After Diesel concrete mixer’s operation, the operator finishes a day’s work, and he needs to clean up the dust stratification inside and outside of the drum wall and the residuum in discharging mouth, stirring shaft and the discharging door. He can use water to wash these room devices, and if it is necessary, he can put in a small amount of stone and water to mix for ten minutes.


diesel concrete mixer


Use water to wash the car, admixture and its supply system. These are all that needs to do after the operation every day. In winter, after Diesel concrete mixer finishes running, we need to put the water and residue in pump, admixture pump and water tank out. If Diesel concrete mixer is not used in winter, every instrument construction machine needs to boot twice a week and the boot time needs half an hour at a time, so as to prevent Diesel concrete mixer frostbiting for a long time no use.


Jan 19 2016

SICOMA Screw Conveyor Was Sent to North Africa

Daswell SICOMA screw conveyor is special equipment that uses rotating spiral blades to propel materials continuously in a closed shell with circular section. The main parts are imported from Italy Sicoma company, such as gear box, blades, universal joint, etc. It is widely used to transport various powdery, granular, small block bulk materials, such as cement, fly ash, clay powder, etc. not suitable for the materials with big viscosity, easy to clump or degrade.

On January 12, 2016, Daswell sent SICOMA screw conveyor and some other parts to South Africa.

sicoma screw conveyor

If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

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Jan 19 2016

HZS Concrete Batching Plant Pays Attention to Development

Government strengthens the supervision of HZS concrete batching plant, which illustrates that construction of green HZS concrete batching plant is the primary task at present. Traditional concrete mixing stations are mostly open operation, which will cause air pollution during windy weather under the action of wind dust seriously and affect the surrounding environment, causing inconvenience to the residents around the life.

concrete batching plant

At present, the development of the environmental protection concrete mixing station is the society theme, and domestic HZS concrete batching plant manufacturer also strengthen the consciousness and use outside cover to cover stone, cement silo, etc. And install dust removal equipment at the same time to effectively control the air pollution. Green concrete mixing station advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency and many others, and it is a healthy way in the development of the concrete batching plant.


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